Sunday, 24 August 2008

Another lovely Arabella Bag in Big Red Flowers

Another bag, this one donates 10% to the BUAV, an organisation that champions the plight of millions of laboratory animals here in the UK.
They have a very strict protocol for shops to adhere to to sell their household products that are cruelty free. It is one of the best in the world. They use a rabbit and stars logo and Jude Law has given them his support! The CO OP and Marks and Spencers adhere to this criteria as do the Body Shop. However none of the stores except the CO OP give prominence to the against animal testing and rabbit logo which I think is a pity as it needs to be highlighted.

Did you know that companies that say their products are not tested on animals do not tell you that the ingredients used to make the products actually Have been animal tested! Chanel do this as do many of the big name companies. One more reason to shop on etsy and buy from small but ethical places.
The BUAV produce a small Cruelty Free guide - which can be ordered (free) here
or downloaded from their website about companies which adhere to their ethical policy.
If you feel strongly about the abuse of laboratory animals please consider donating to the BUAV and by purchasing cosmetics and household goods that adhere to the Rabbit Logo criteria - the list of participating companies is in the booklet mentioned above. Every single penny spent in the right, ethical company will make a difference.

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