Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Can You Guess What's Under the Tree?

Is that black straps I see??


what could be in there??

how intriguing!

WOW!! A beautiful Arabella bag - just waiting patiently to be carried on the arm of a very special young lady! Happy Christmas Rachael!
This is the Arabella 3 Generation Pearl Gold Damask Bag. She has pearls adorning her from me, my mother and my grandmother - carrying with her much history and significance and is a present for the 4th generation! - My delightful Scottish niece (who has had her eyes on these adorable bags for a looooong time!!)
Arabella always comes with an Arabella care tag, gift tag, Arabella Card, Arabella ribbon Tie and a hand written note and business card.
Seasons Greetings !

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