Saturday, 6 December 2008

SOLD! Arabella in Chanel and Selvedge

Arabella has gone to a new home. She has generated a lot of interest, infact the most interest of any of my art-accessory bags. I really like this style too and I have a few more planned in a similar vein.
The Dance with Bunnies Rabbit Rescue will benefit from the sale of this bag as I gladly pledged 10% to them.
My watercolour of a mountain hare in a storm. Looks cold eh!
This is another one of my watercolours of a mountain hare on a 'vidder'. Vidder is Norwegian for a mountain plateau. Here you can see the cold, hard rocks jutting above the layer of snow.
My watercolour paintings have been in an exhibition this weekend and I was there also at a craft fayre today in a tiny Scottish village on the Fife coast called Elie, and this is where Arabella in Chanel and Selvedge was sold. She will be delighting someone lucky on Christmas morning!

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