Sunday, 4 January 2009

2009 Turn Over a New Leaf

All Leaves are important - some for eating - like these carrot leaves here - others are for making small changes for a better world. Leaves, like resolutions, are beginnings.
and new beginnings are everywhere, every day, and it is generally a shift in one's attitude and perception that will start you on the new road.
I don't do resolutions as such, I act on my ideas when I get them and I like the fact that I can turn over a new leaf and make a small improvement when the opportunity arises, year round.

My New Leaf is to recognize when these Leaves are infront of me so I can grab the opportunity!
Arabellas New Leaf is to have more 'me time'. Whether that be snoozing in private under the Parker Knoll until she decides to come out for a kiss, or infront of the heater on her paw print fleece, waiting for attention and a piece of organic oatcake - Arabella will be doing the demanding - on her terms!
Wesleys New Leaf is to have more back massages, more often! He demands these by immediately jumping around to show me his back, and just sitting there, waiting patiently until I start to rub away.
Arabella and Wesley get fresh carrot leaves every once in a while, and only a small amount at a time. Yummy!

What is your New Leaf?


  1. Wonderful photos of Arabella and Wesley! I don't like to make resolutions either, but I like the idea of New Leaves. I have a lot of "new leaf" ideas floating around in my head right now, but haven't formulated them yet.

    We did start a blog though - does that count? I'm hoping that will help with putting things into words.

  2. Ahhh, they look so cute and soft. I like bunnies.
    I will have to contemplate a new leaf.


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