Friday, 9 January 2009

Etsy Treasury Dedicated to my Arabella Bag Donation

All of the shops featured here love and support animals.

Some donate all funds to chairty, some donate a portion, some feed their local wild bird population, and mammals, and every single one has a respect and love for the creatures of mother earth.

Please support them by purchasing from them and you will be making your purchase an ethical and charitable based one.

Featured shops are (from top left in rows)

Whiskerkisses with beautiful Twiggy modelling a gorgeous collar

brownrose with Sheryl a prudent crow who makes sure the charitible donations are safe

pigatopia with a painting of an adorable piglet

mvegan5 - the founder of etsy for animals Team with a horsey hair clip

petitpoulailler with beautiful rabbit images from the 1930s

thesleepingdog with a customizable photo ornament

saveabunny with a blue dish approved by Butterscotch a rescue rabbit looking for a forever home

thefrogbag with a Zatec's frog hand embroidered on a pouch

9LivesPhotography with Prose a tiny kitten waiting for her forever home

My Arabella bag donating 10% to the Rabbit and Guinea Pig Welfare Fund in Rugby, UK

daskaninchen with a fibonacci rabbit soft sculpture

happygoatsoap with beautiful Pricilla providing the milk

rats4scrappin with Fluffy as a baby in a bowl

JackieBass with precious Hope - who got Jackie started with photographing rescue dogs

karendavis with a secret - the little rabbit is sharing

shelterme with tiny Que - who is still looking for her forever home!

I want to thank all of these etsy people - they are all wonderful, talented and kind and I have been fortunate to know most of them.

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  1. So wonderful, thank you for including my horsie clip, as always, 10% goes to help the Etsy for Animals charity of the month ;0) You're great!!!


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