Friday, 23 January 2009

PayPal now available for Raffle Tickets to win Arabella Bag

This beautiful Arabella Rabbit Art-Accessory bag Blue Star White Star made by me, in Scotland, and donated to The Buckeye House Rabbit Society in Ohio, America, is being raffled to raise much needed funds.

PAYAPL IS NOW AVAILABLE for purchases of $10 or over. Please click on the link above

- and thank you for giving homeless rabbits a chance of a better life - your kindness is greatly appreciated. And Good Luck!
This is the Arabella bag waiting patiently at Buckeyes for her forever home - she can be shipped worldwide and with the Paypal option - nothing's stopping you! (All money goes to help the rabbits waiting for their forever homes - isn't that great!)
and here is a pic of my beautiful rescued house rabbit Arabella from winter 2008 in a deep sleep in front of her panel heater. Her bum and toes are pressed up against the heater - even with all that fur she gets cold too! Her baby rabbit toy is also having a deep sleep! (It used to have little nylon whiskers but they were gnawed off long ago when Arabella used to fling it around by them.)
Wishing everyone who has purchased raffle tickets Good Luck!


  1. I still need to do this - thanks for the reminder. And I love the photo of Arabella sleeping with her toy!

  2. I think it is so cool that have done this! You can count on me to buy some tickets!

  3. Hi, I read about this via a treasury you made on Etsy. I'll certainly use that Paypal option to get some tickets. And I mentioned it my Blog.


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