Sunday, 25 January 2009

Organized Mess (yeah right!)

Wesley wants to say that before you look at my messy, messy work table - please remember to buy your raffle tickets! Only $1 each
and Arabella has come to remind you to read the posts below - about the Buckeye House Rabbit Spring Raffle - to win an Arabella Bag as a prize!

Here is my work area - where all my Arabella bags, baby hares and Priceless ACEOs come to life, as well as watercolour paintings and my handmade cards!
This is an IKEA drawer insert that I use to display a tiny portion of my precious 'things'. I have cut up cards, book images, lots of plastic Britains animals, some JEOL animals from Hong Kong, lovely buttons, stamps and a small flock of geese too. At the top are two xmas deer with Baby Hare Goodnight in the centre (he wanted to be in the photo!)

I painted the base and sides of the drawer then glued in the wooden 'slots'. Only cost pennies from IKEA in their basement bargain section and so much better than a printers press tray. I am pretty nifty with a drill and have industrial hooks in the back with extra strong webbing holding it up on 3 wall hooks. It is pretty heavy! It never gets dusted (have you seen how many slots there are??) and from just the right angle it can even look like snow.

and this is my work table - looking tidy.

Looking tidy because everything has been placed in it's work order location. Nothing is missing and I can see exactly what needs to be done.

At the front centre is a baby hare 'being born', behind are two of my new Baby Swans and to the left are some Arabella bags to be finished. Inside them are a couple of baby hares, infact it is Baby Hare Star and Baby Hare Dieter and a few more waiting for names and stories.

At the back is my pen and ruler holder. It was a china vessel of sorts that I re-arranged with a hammer and some DAS modelling clay. (I removed a human from it). At the front left are more meaningful Priceless ACEOs.

On the wall is my notice board covered with images that I love - hares, reindeer, fjord horses and the beautiful Fawn that I bought at Jen's shop and at the left is a small cardinal pouch, one of the first purchases I made on etsy that I bought from Kim at Capebags

So - not as messy as it looks!


  1. This doesn't look messy to me - I'm envious! I really like the drawer insert - what a good idea (I have a lot of small "things" too).

  2. Very inspiring workspace! I love it!

  3. You're a legend, I love what you do.

  4. bunnies and crafts, too of my favourite things! You seem to have two very well behaved bunnies judging from the photos!

  5. Hi Annettee

    Where did you get the Jeol animals from? I am really interested in seeing more photos of them and other antelope in your display. could you possibly send me some?

  6. Hi Numaan,

    I will post some photos later - a bit busy at the moment!
    I bought the Jeol 30 years ago in the UK, and I can't remember where! Every now and again I have seen some on ebay, but they are pretty scarce, however the detailing is superb and the plastic quality and painting is very good.
    Do you collect these plastic animals?

  7. Hi there

    I dont collect Jeol - I just love animals and my favourite animals were Okapi and antelopes. I used to have Jeol animals as a kid which I bought from the Natural History Museum in London but they were thrown out by my parents. now I just like collecting little plastic figurines of antelopes and would love to see the pictures of jeol and other antelopes you have. have you got any spare Jeol antelope you could part with in a trade? Please take photos and email them to me at thank you :-)

  8. Hi Annette

    Just wondered if you have a chance to take any photos of the joel antelope and other antelopes from theimage above? Please let me know or contact me directly ( thank you!

  9. Hi schleichzoo,

    I haven't had time yet, but hopefully in a couple of weeks time I will be doing an antelope and deer posting so I will put them on then!
    sorry for the delay - seems Jeol are rather popular!

  10. forgot to say that I don't have any 'extra' ones! only have a couple!

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  12. hi Babs, thanks for stopping by! I love my Jeol animals and afraid I can't part with them! Don't they make animals there any more? I thought it was in HK that they were made?


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