Saturday, 11 July 2009

Acrophobia + Preikestolen = a long rest!

Norwegian scenery is truly stunning.

I was having a rest for a couple of hours after climbing up to the mountain tops on the way to the famous Preikestolen which has an imposing rock ledge jutting above the Lysefjord 660m below.

If you suffer from even the slightest acrophobia I suggest that you do not make the second part of the 4.5 mile long trip along the mountain top (and edge in some parts) to reach this impressive and terrifying edifice.

I preferred to observe the lichen on the rocks and the view over the distant Rogaland territory. It's a long hike but my companions had left flasks of tea, biscuits and tasty Norwegian cheese sandwiches! I had am amazingly beautiful view and a chaffinch shared some of the lunch with me.

In the pic above you can just see the fjord's blue waters way below in the V of the dark vegetation.

A while ago I had made a couple of tiny baby hares, too small even to put my cloth name tag on them. They are yet to be named and these are the frst prototypes but I will be putting them in my shop shortly.

Showing their size against my own Arabella bag which came on the trip with me. Arabella had a nice time on my arm visiting my favourite Stavanger shops with me. Brodrene Pedersen has wonderful crockery, linens and Norwegian Glassware and there are a few touristy shops with traditional Norwegian jumpers such as Dale Norway and the more fashionable and feminine Oleana.

Not far from Stavanger is a woollen mill and shop called Gjestal that sells jumpers, socks, hats, wool supplies, numerous knitting patterns and the most delicious ice creams ever in it's small cafe. I shared my cone with a house sparrow outside.

Next to the shop were some white cows grazing amid huge boulders and an impressive rocky outcrop. Amongst the six cows was a small brown and white calf lying down. There are quite a few young calves in the fields just now and I also saw a pair of just fledged hooded crows.
If you love mountains and rocks and Norwegian sweaters and tasty ice cream head for Norway and if you have a fear of heights you will also get a rest!


  1. Wow!!
    Its beautiful in your country :)
    So many sky shots
    they are amazing !!
    I love your new bags,
    soooo lovely :)
    Have a nice sunday ^__^

    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :)

  2. We have yet to get into your region of the world. Beautiful pics. TTFN ~Marydon

  3. Anya and Marydon - I am not Norwegian - only visiting there.
    Isn't it such a beautiful country!

  4. These are beautiful, beautiful, photos! I would love to go there. I clicked through to see the Preikestolen and it is amazing. It sounds like a wonderful trip.

    P.S. love the way that pink fabric looks in the mini hares!

  5. thanks Katie - the pink fabric you sent is one of my favourites!
    and Preikestolen is really unbelievable, I have no idea how anyone can go out there - gives me the shivers!!

  6. I've done quite a bit of hiking in the Sierras around Tahoe with my Malamute and not another soul in site,been up into snow in August.. but this place looks amazing, it's pretty high up, did you see any snow??Sounds like a nice vacation, I'm jealous!!

  7. In winter time the place is covered in snow Carol. The Rogaland territory has a rather 'alpine terrain' - and even at sea level it gives the impression of being high up, but yes, the top pics were high up.

    Maureen the country is stunning over there - might I say even more beautiful than Scotland! ha ha!

  8. Oh, what a glorious holiday! Big rocks with lichen in a meadow are just the best.

  9. My Dad lives in Norway so I've spent many a summer there. Beautiful scenery and Odda is worth a visit to the glacier.

  10. oh sweet annette!!

    thanks for all your wisdom.

    a sprig a day is ok? how long of a sprig? because he does love it, and i've cut way back.

    also the traveling was only for the first few days, and yes i was completely thorough about making sure that he was always against a very clean fabric that was as a soft as he is.

    the caecals he's doing great with, i've monitored him closely for the last several days and he seems to not be needing my eyes on him constantly now....and it does look to be improving slightly overall. i'll post soon about it all. but i appreciate your advice and support so much, thank you!!

    what amazing photos and those stuffed bunnies?!?!?! looooooove!! them!!!


  11. Thank you so much for commenting on my blog, or I would never have found your wonderful blog. You take amazing photos!! Can I come? The scenery is amazing.

  12. Hi
    I am all checked everything was okay.
    I was just fainted and ended up wrong.
    I am now equipped because I've slept a lot.
    I have a part of my face blue with a little yellow ;(
    Thanks for all the kind words :)
    Anya :)

  13. Annette you have been busy and healthy outdoor pursuits too! You sound as though you had a great time.Lindax

    PS, Just wondering..(Spiders urgh, do the spiders hand down at you? )


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