Friday, 24 July 2009

Remembering Zai

I have been remembering about Zai. Wesley never met Zai.

Zai was our first rescue rabbit and he had very special needs because he had been neglected as a kitten and bought for a child.

Zai had so much to put up with in his time with us. He fought many battles and struggled with problems that we handled on a daily basis.
Zai's story is here at Sad To Happy Story but it's not finished yet, I still have to write it faithfully.
It's a sad ending.

Rabbits may live to 14 years of age but when they have been bred and sold like toys - for the wrong reason - to the wrong people - then their lives are oh-so much shorter.
Zai was lucky not to have too many problems and we gave him the very best of mother nature's remedies. He was unable to take orthodox Western medicine due to the chemicals involved and his very, very sensitive immune system.
So we treated him naturally. He responded well.

But life brought many hard times, Zai though had an indominitable spirit. Never once did he give up in his zest for life.
He loved to play with sheets of paper and run around the house with a piece in his mouth - like a leaf-cutter ant!
He has finished a game here and taken the paper into his kitty-litter with him! Just to make us laugh! - as he always did, he would see what was funniest and do it - just to make us laugh.

Arabella was chosen by Zai and Wesley was chosen by Arabella.
Our precious rescue rabbits fill our lives and our memories with love and happiness and gratitude every single day.
Arabella displays the wave of constant change ~ but with the constant of love ever present ~


  1. These are beautiful photos - I especially love the ones of Zai and Arabella. I know it must be hard to finish the story - but I think you and Zai were very lucky to have found each other.

  2. Oh Annette ~ what a beautiful story ~ I just read the whole Sad to Happy Story Post (and cried) ~ they were tears of joy ~ what a wonderful life you gave this little fellow :) Thank you for sharing with us


  3. Just beautiful. Those special needs bunnies are really something else.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about Zai. He was a very special little guy. You were very lucky to have each other - he was lucky to have you, as you obviously loved him and cared for him very much. You were lucky to have him to make you laugh when you needed it.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to you. I'm very, very sorry for your loss. Arwen sends you puppy hugs :)

  5. What a wonderful post about Zai on the other blog. It sounds like he was a real character. I would have loved to see him in action with the paper. :o)

  6. So lovely pictures,
    special the first one
    I can't see you ....... LOL
    Have a nice sunday :)

  7. Zai was a lucky rabbit to have found you. In return he seems to have taught you about natural remedies and rabbits. What a sweet face he had, love his ears too.

  8. thank you Katie. One day I will write the ending.
    I was priviledged to know Zai.

    Lily, thanks, Zai was so strong and his spirit was tremendous.

    I agree with you Christina. No-one should give up on them. Their hearts are huge!

    Thank you Meghann, it has been a few years but it still feels like a minute ago.

    Maureen - Zai was amazing! If only I had had a video camera! He was just so funny! (and he knew it!)

    thank you Anya

    yes, Diana, Zai was a great teacher and I tried to be the best student. He had so much more wisdom than me, he taight me so much, about so many things, and about life.

  9. Beautiful story. I love the third picture with the rabbits together.

  10. A touching story Annette, and I look forward to hearing the ending. It's hard - I've written stories about my dogs who have passed and it always makes me cry. An animal with a sense of humor is especially missed - Zai sounds like our Wilbur. How lucky we were to know them!

  11. thanks Laura that is Arabella tenderly licking Zai when he was not well.

    You are right Karen, on all accounts!

  12. Zai was indeed a lucky rabbit to be adopted by you, and he looks so cute!

  13. thank you Gabriella, though I was so lucky to know Zai, he was really very smart and he knew a lot.


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