Friday, 3 July 2009

An Excitement of Winners!!

little no-name and Priceless Deliver the Goods

A relief of winners, a startle of winners, a glee of winners ….. the collective adjectives of animate objects really has no limits.

My ‘husk’ of grey hares are now fast asleep after sprinting the whole way to the finish line in the biggest race of their lives and I don’t want to disturb them so I asked around for helpers in choosing the two winners of my Grey Hare Card give-away.

Priceless piped up to say he would love to help me and immediately got busy with tearing the names out. Thank goodness as this saved me about 20 minutes work.

When they were all done he called me over and we were about to start scrunching them into tiny balls when I noticed something strange. Priceless looked at me warily, smiling wanly.

It was then I realised that 10 names had to be disqualified! Scrawled in large, unfamiliar rabbity-writing were the names Priceless (five times!) Arabella (three times!) and Wesley (two times!) tsk tsk !!

This was to be a fair draw!!
Priceless was already behind the rabbit treat-ball busying himself with the ball scrunching.

163 scrunched lumps later and we were ready for the stars of the show – Arabella and Wesley – to choose a winner each!

I had it all planned out, but - it was not to be!

Arabella, on seeing the huge blue egg shaped ball with the chunk of organic oatcake on top, immediately attacked it! Then she ran off, furious, that her rest time had been invaded. (I gave her the chunk of oatcake to pacify her).

So I carried the ball thru to Wesley, and he just ignored it.

He had a blocked nose and was having a hard time breathing properly and couldn’t smell the oatcake – his favourite treat!. So I gave him a cuddle, and the oatcake, and tucked him in.

I was wondering who could help me choose the names. I had no idea where Priceless had gone either. After the last lump had been put inside he had disappeared. Strange.

Then I heard a small noise. It was Arabella's toy bunny little no-name calling me. No-name wanted to do the choosing and I was delighted!

The ball is a heavy thing but little no-name managed to give it a shove with the nose.

It rocked back and fro wildly and

a tiny ball flew out! We had our first winner!!

...but not only that –there was Priceless being rocked around in the lumps!

No-name dashed over to the lump and stretched it open.

Then with another shove and more shoogling another bit flew out! (Priceless wasn’t impressed – he had been having a doze and was now trying to get out of the ball.)

Quickly no-name ran to the second lump and pulled it open aswell!! How exciting!

Arabella wanted no part of this ‘fun’ and was fast asleep, digesting her morsel of oatcake.
Ooops, I nearly forgot! – the winners are ..…. at the end of this link ……

Many thanks to all the participants! The house is now filled with lots of tiny snoozing noises…….


  1. That was exciting and fun, love your "Describe Blog" style!
    Good rest to all !

  2. I agree with Pey - this was really fun to read! I particularly liked the photos of Arabella and Wesley, of course! Congratulations to the winners - and sweet dreams to all the bunnies.

  3. thank you Pey, and Katie!

    I want to say that Arabella and Wesley are now talking to me again :)

  4. Love your writings ... have a wonderful 4th. TTFN ~Marydon

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog and participating in the scavenger hunt, Miss Annette!

    I never knew it could so tiring to choose names from a bright, blue ball. I imagine it would be when it comes to your rabbit friends. Their little hearts must have been beating rapidly with excitement.

    Have a happy 4th of July!

  6. Hi Zeus,
    thanks for stopping by Mr Feline! lets hope your canine gets some leg work!!

    The tiring thing was the collecting and collating of the names. Took about 3 hours actually! whew!

    My little heart was beating with excitement :)

  7. Lovely words
    Lovely pictures
    Lovely bunny's
    This post is sooooo Lovely .... LOL
    I love it :)

    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :)

  8. What a great adventure for everyone! I'm glad Arabella got some oatcake - I love them too!
    Congrats to the winners, they are very lucky indeed to get some of your fabulous work :D

  9. Congrats to the lucky winners. =OD

    Priceless, Arabella, Wesley, shame on you for trying to rig the vote. :p

  10. thanks Anya and Kareltje

    thanks Meghann! oatcake is delicious, especially with rich cheeses

    thank you Maureen.
    and I think that they were all taking their chances when they could !!

  11. Here in the East Midlands, greetings to the sleeping beauty Arabella, and gentle nose nudges and ear rubs to Wesley, our favourite white lop bunny :) Hopefully his nose has cleared now and all is well with both!
    Belated congratulations for the win (we knew you would win, such a lovely card it is too!) and Miss Eve and Neville say hi >:x
    Thanks also for the's been a bit mad here with the travelling, hopefully we're back to blogging soon with pics and good news :) x

  12. Snoozy bunny, so adorable! What an exciting time picking the winners. Congrats to the proud owners of your fabulous card :)

  13. Aw, I can't believe how much effort you & the bunnies have gone to with this! Love this post ;-)

  14. I absolutely love that last bunny photo!


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