Thursday, 23 July 2009

Sending love to Hans

Arabella, Wesley and I send our deepest heartfelt love to brave and precious little bun Hans.

and our thoughts and hearts go out to his best friend Bailey and to Hans' humans at Furrybutts

We know how very, very hard it is to lose a loved one in our arms :(
Hans is strong and brave and his spirit will be with you always - watching over you :)


  1. Yes, we miss Hans too, he was very wonderful and had friends all over the world. We send our very best to his family who must miss him most of all.

  2. We just got back from there. It was so, so sad and it made our momma so, so sad. She had a bun long time ago named Timmy. Momma ♥'d her bunny lots so she knows that the lady whose bunny died must be heartbroken.

  3. Our thoughts are with you.

  4. This is so sad! I hope Hans' humans are OK - it must be very difficult for them to lose such a wonderful bunny so quickly. Sending them love and hope.

  5. It is very, very sad indeed - tiny Hans was only just over a year - he celebrated his first birthday last month.
    He had tooth abcess problems, poor wee thing.
    But he was continually surrounded by love and happiness - the greatest gifts of all.

  6. Thank you for writing a tribute to Hans. He is the first pet we've lost and we're still very devastated over it. It helps though, knowing that so many people out there care about him. Thank you.

  7. Furry you are welcome. Hans' spirit and personality shone thru to everyone who had the pleasure of knowing him.

    Losing a loved one is so very hard, some of the pain fades in time, and other parts never do.
    I find that I smile with the beautiful memories, but my eyes are always filled with tears.

    Hans will be around you (again), kindred spirits stay together :)


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