Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Busy - Snoozing

Arabella was busying herself today with her kitty litter.

She was having a wee poke amongst the fresh hay and shredded paper.

and Wesley was busy snoozing in his nest!
When I went in to see him he was fast asleep, flat out on his side and with his back legs 2cm off the ground!
I gave him a few ear pats and he made small peeping noises of happiness without so much as raising an eyelid! aaah bliss!
He was unwell two nights ago and we had to use Rescue Remedy, so I'm giving thanks that both are healthy and well today.

This little youngster is still in the nest but should be out scampering around in about a week's time.
No name yet.
Don't forget to enter the Raffle to Win an Arabella Art-Accessory Rabbit Bag.
All funds raised go to helping the rescue rabbits at the Buckeye House Rabbit Society.
The bag is to your right, at the top - ....
.... good luck!


  1. So cute! Love the Wesley flop with his closed eyes!

  2. I can imagine Arabella stays very buys inspecting her things. Wesley looks too cute for words sleeping like that. I have heard about the rescue remedy. I will have to get some.

  3. Awww i hope Wesley will feel even better soon... boys sure do need their sleep :)

  4. Ooooo I could just kiss that sweet sleepy boy! He's just so darn cute! Just something about them when they are sleeping that melts my heart.
    Glad they are doing better!
    hugs and friends,

  5. thank you Cadbury!

    well Donna - infact Wesley may have flopped - but I often find him sound asleep all stretched out like this wiht his mouth up in the air!

    Christina the rescue remedy is by Bach and it's invaluable!

    thanks Nicole! he likes to sleep and I think it helps his nose too

    Shell I agree completely with you!!

  6. what a sweet photo of Wesley! Will he wake up to accept a Creative Blogger Award?

  7. Awww Wesley - I just LOVE it when they fall properly deeply asleep. I love seeing their tummies when they lie on their sides. They are so gentle and vulnerable, it warms my heart to know they can be like that around me you know...
    Love Charlotte


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