Sunday, 28 February 2010

Uh - Oh! Who's this???

Arabella found a new friend in her daytime basket!

All in luxurious white faux fur and looking just like a new born kitten - this is my latest Arabella Art-Accessory Rabbit bag!

Already chosen for a special person, this fluffy Arabella shall be on her journey very soon but before she goes she tries out Arabella's 'nests' - small comfy fleece lined and padded sleeping spots that Arabella likes to lie up in during the day and use as a guarding spot when I am out of the house.

The first one is this super wicker basket which I got at the local Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home for a £5 donation! I've seen these in fancy shops for £90!
Arabella likes to rip away at the wicker inside and nibble the entrance into shape! the she settles down to doze away an afternoon. Not today though!

and this one here is by the window and gives a wide view of the whole room so Arabella can keep a watchful eye on everything, even when she is taking 20 winks! though little fluffy is more interested in the window and is showing us her anatomically correct rabbit tail.
All rabbits have a small thin tail bone and it sits neat with their rumps. On a relaxed rabbit you will be able to see how long it is, the (usually) thick black fur on the top part and the long plush white fur underneath.

Fluffy has finished her window observations and is now inspecting the room. She has settled cosily into the nest (with a fresh fleece blanket) and is now waiting to make friends with the real Arabella!
As usual, all my Arabella bags donate 10% to charity. The four I support are on the right here and this bag is pledged to the BUAV - the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection.
They work very hard to investigate, expose, lobby and publiscise the plight of the voiceless animals that are tested on in laboratories in the UK and around the world with a goal of changing policy so that future decisions may protect the sentient beings we share the world with.
The BUAV have an internationally recognised symbol of a leaping bunny logo to represent their Humane Cosmetics Standard (HCS) which assures consumers that these products are not tested on animals by the company displaying the logo on their products.
Products such as make-up, face, body and hair care products and household cleaners.
I have supported the BUAV for years now and only buy products displaying this logo. This makes my shopping easier as I can avoid certain unethical shops and brands easily and just go straight to the ones I know who are serious about their customers and their future in our changing world.

Though now I have rather alot more choice as lots of companies are signing up and adhering to the strict criteria!
I can recommend all the CO OP products from body and haircare to household - they are terribly cheap compared to their unethical competitors and their Chamomile Hair Conditioner is the best I have ever used. Leave it on for 5 minutes for a deep nourish, and only 79p a bottle!!!
I love the 50p bars of soap from sparks - great for the kitchen sink and regular washing and they smell divine! (sparks is Marks and Spensers :)
The BUAV have a handy little booklet that you can carry around with you so you can zoom in on those friendly makes. For a pdf download click here. It can also be ordered online.
I often send cheques to Kathryn Holloway and always receive a personal thank you email. I'm not a huge donator, nor even big but Kathryn still has time to say thanks and that really makes me feel appreciated. Though ofcourse I will always support them and the invaluable work they do for the animals who go thru so much - who never should have to!
Please make your choices ethical, even your bars of soap, shampoo, eyeliner, face cream, dishwash and toothpaste. Your heart will be in the right place and it's a nice place to be.
Arabella says thank you for caring!
~ now she's off to investigate someone white and fluffy in her nest.....


  1. Fluffy is beautiful!

    I always buy ethical brands, I like Neal's Yard Remedies and buy hair products from Yaoh, a company that uses almost no artificual ingredients.

  2. What a gorgeous creation!

    And love the BUAV stuff... you're right, it makes it so easy just to look for the leaping bunny. I always get all my household cleaners and a lot of cosmetics from the Co-Op and M&S - so good to have easily accessible places (i.e. open on a Sunday for that emergency "I must clean the house top to bottom" list of supplies".


  3. Hi fluffy, you're very gorgeous!
    the Co-Op rocks! they label their goods which are suitable for vegans, which makes shopping so much easier.

  4. What a sweet blog post Annette! Fluffy is indeed gorgeous - I hope you will be making some like this ;-)

    & thanks for sharing your ethical shopping tips - always good to know where to source these things. The Body Shop is good for a treat but can be pricey. The co-op are very good for lots of things. (For non-veggies their meat is always much more clearly labelled than in other supermarkets & I find it a lot easier to pick out free range & outdoor reared products.)

    Hope Fluffy is safely on her journey to her new home!


  5. Oops, just noticed my error! I meant to say 'I hope you will be making some MORE like this ;-) Jx

  6. How beautiful :>) Just goes to show that faux fur is the best!

  7. Oooh I love Fluffy! So adorable!

  8. I like to support ethical brands as well. I LOVE THIS NEW BAG!! love it love it love it :)

  9. Very disconcerting to have somebun move into your daytime basket. I never thought about what kind of products I bought until I started reading blogs like yours. There are some really great buys out there and most of the time the cruelty free stuff is cheaper and much nicer. I look for it all the time now.

  10. Annette, Congratulations on winning one of Dale Ann's wonderful Prints,from Chronicles of Whimsy, They are so Beautiful. Linda:)

  11. Beautiful bunny bag. Lindax

  12. Fluffy is truly gorgeous! You know I love white!hee,hee,hee.
    Indeed faux fur is the best of all and leaping bunnies are showing up on many products now. Makes me happy. ;)


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