Wednesday, 3 February 2010

3 Bulls 2 Weeks 3600 Dollars

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Jodi and Dan from Southern Oregon had kindly let these 3 handsome bulls graze for free on their land.
Pooka the brown one, Spotty and LessSpotty are all youngsters at under 2 years.
The other day the farmer was sending them off to get slaughtered so Jodi and Dan asked that he sell the bulls to them to spare their lives.

The farmer replied they can have Spots and Pookaa for $3600.
He has also given a two week grace period so that they can fundraise like crazy to get the money!

Can you help? by buying something for yourself, or a friend? from Jodi's etsy shop ThisIsIt
and the 3 other participating shops helping fundraise for her.
Jodi will also very gratefully accept donations by paypal. If you are able to help spread the word please do.

Jodi is giving all proceeds today, the 3rd February, from her etsy shop to pay for her bulls.
This spiral journal has the right sentiments - what an excellent way to jot down your thoughts and ideas, that would definitely keep me in the right spirit and frame of mind!

and for Penguin Lovers they have this Gift Set with Free shipping in USA. International shipping is $5 plus $1 for additional items.
Plenty of penguin paraphernalia to persuse! and if you need your daily dose of penguins check out the Edinburgh Zoo penguin webcam! UK daylight hours apply for veiwing.
Gosh! Infact it's 9.30pm here just now and I can see them scuttling about under the moonlight!

Another very useful notepad is this What I am Grateful For one, with a choice of 3 colours. No spotty or brown ones here, only tasty rose, golden wheat and grass colour.
This pad will keep your perspective in check should you feel the need to feel needy about something.

Jodi is graciously being helped by Susmitha from India. Susmitha loves cows and has done great work in protecting them over there!
Her etsy shop Veganosaurus is donating 50% from sales until 13 February.
Here are turtlecyclops mama Rose and baby Lily. Small, adorable and friendly! They have a story to tell you ....

Lynn from etsy shop LolaLynn is donating 75% from the sale of her bracelets in her shop section 'Save the Bulls'

This gorgeous looking set is actually one strand of peach tinted faux pearls, natural black stones and silver beads on memory wire. Understated yet classy!

and Michele the founder of Etsy for Animals team is donating 10% from her etsy shop MVegan5 until 15 February towards the bulls. Michele has a huge selection of varied items in her shop from jewellery to commissioned/custom paintings, cards, magnets and accessories.
This compassionate 'zine features a cover painting by Michele of 'Kissing Cows'!
Inside this Issue you will find articles on Diabetes and the Vegan Diet, Marketing Veganism, Recipe Corner: Friend-of-the-Sheep’s Pie Becoming Vegan, Making the Transition to Vegan - Animals Are Not Ours To Use, Disaster Preparedness, Aromatherapy: Clary Sage, Wildlife & Trash: A Dangerous Combination, Taking a Road Trip with your Dog, Organic Foods and Cows and Cowches

... wonder what a 'cowche' is?
Jodi and Dan have a dream and on their Twitter they announced that they have raised a super $800 so far in 3 days with such generous help. Only $2800 to go.
I pledge 10% from the next baby hare I sell to them to help save Pookie, Spotty and LessSpotty and to give them a long and safe life.
This jornal really says it all - Dreams Come True - and they do - just believe enough!

Jodi and Dan are helping 3 bulls that are very special to them.
I want to thank everyone who also helps them save these bulls.
If every person gave $1 (or $1.10 because paypal charge you when you receive funds from someone into your account) and everyone helped to spread the word then I am sure the $2800 will come easily.
Please pick up that coin by your nightstand and pledge it to Pookie, Spotty and LessSpotty.
Thank you! - and don't forget to enter my free Give Away!


  1. Nemo made a donation. He doesnt want the bulls coming over the bridge.

  2. Thank you so much, Annette! I absolutely loved reading this blog post! It was so heartfelt and sweet. Thank you for your compassion toward these sweet cows! Jodi

  3. Beautiful post for such an important cause, thank you so much for helping and spreading the word! EFAers are the best ;0)

  4. Aw, Annette, this is such a beautiful story! I hope Jodi & Dans' dream comes true with your help. & I never knew about the penguin-cam at Edinburgh zoo... ;-)

  5. Oh I sure hope it all works out for these bulls ! THANKS SO MUCH for getting the word out :)

  6. Made a small donation today... hope all goes well!

  7. thank you Christina!
    Nemo is in my heart :) as is Stewart :)

    thanks Kim!

    Jodi you are doing a wonderful thing - thank you!

    they are indeed Michele! thanks

    yes, Jane, me too! lots of people are helping their dream! the penguin cam is super!

    you are welcome Nicole

    thank you so much Kathy! Jodi will be very grateful indeed.


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