Friday, 19 February 2010


Arabella has just heard the news!

The three young bulls Pooka, Spotty and LessSpotty have been saved from an untimely fate by the generosity of 100 people - thank you!

Arabella is grateful to have a healthy, tasty meal every day and she knows alot of animals around the world in human care and those that some people have been abandoned and 'cast-off' are not so lucky.
So these three bulls will be getting fed year round in a safe, loving home. Jodi and Dan are buying in hay for them just now to munch thru as their pasture is rather sparse and hasn't yet got it's spring green covering.
If you would like to contribute to their feeding then that will be greatly welcomed. Each bull eats about 50 pounds (20kg) of grass/hay a day!
Whew! that's ALOT of grass! says Arabella, her eyes becoming bigger...

Jodi has an etsy shop This Is It where she sells quality eco friendly paper goods and jewellery and also an etsy shop selling Quality Craft Supplies and jewellery findings.

Spotty here with Pooka in the background already have very distinct personalities coming thru and Jodi has written more about them on her blog.
But it is obvious that Spotty is the very brave leader!
Here is the rather shy Pooka with LessSpotty.
My Etsy For Animals team, EFA, has a blog and they often write articles about animals in grave situations.
They highlight situations that we can all do something about.
Whether that be by donating cash, and even the smallest $1 does count, or by volunteering your time, or by spreading the word or by taking an active stance yourself if you see an animal in danger and being abused.
If you are too afraid to step in to help the animal then immediately call the police and your local animal rescue organisation aswell. In Scotland it would be the SSPCA. The police will handle the abuser and the animal organisation will will take care of the victim.
If it is a wild animal being abused then call the police hotline and ask for a Wildlife Crime Officer. Wild animals are on the receiving end of far too many persecutions and these crimes are treated seriously. If you know of anyone committing criminal activities against wildlife then let your local WCO know. They will welcome the information.

We all live in a very civilised society where compassion towards our non-human species is slowly being universally recognised and given equal standing.
Do not be afraid to speak up for those who do not, and can not speak English, German, Arabic, Russian, Mandarin or slang ....
thank you


  1. Thank God we are getting a little better and there are people who will fight for the animals. I cant imagine if they had no one.

  2. Meow..meow..meow..
    i send i sabella many hugs :-)
    Kareltje =^.^=

  3. Three big cheers for Spotty, Pooka and LessSpotty, welcome to the free world...may you live in interesting times and a very very long time !
    Another good read, Annette. thanks
    Charlie sending Arabella kisses with cilantro breath.

  4. YAY... i was proud to be one of the one hundred. Tee hee. It FEELS SO GOOD... so good...

    Are we getting better as a world ? hum... That's an encouraging thought !

  5. What a great post! Thank you to everyone who helped save these sweet boys! I am forever grateful to all of you!

  6. Wonderful post! Thank you for always being a great spokeswoman for the animals and EFA! SO happy the cows are saved ;0) Michele

  7. Yay! I was happy to hear about the bulls! every living creature deserves to live in peace.
    Thank goodness enough people were able to help out, I was watching the numbers and getting worried, lol! What a shock to read that they did it!

  8. I'm so happy to hear this! Jodi and Dan are wonderful people - many thanks to them, and to all the people who helped rescue Pooka, Spotty and LessSpotty!

  9. So glad they were saved!!! Makes me so happy!!!! Sent a donation for their care.


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