Sunday, 3 October 2010

Let's talk About .....


It doesn't take much to make my heart feel warm inside.
Small things like giving Wesley a kiss or snuggling with Arabella does it for me. I'm so very appreciative of every minute I have with them.
I remember the magical moments when I knew they would be in my life, it was meant to be and I just knew deep in my heart that we would be together.

I'm very privileged to share my life with my two rescue rabbits.

If my home was big enough I would .....

love to add more heartwarming soul mates. Here is Amaryllis, a pretty girl on the left, and Dickory, her soulmate, on the right. Two ears up, two ears down and spots all round!
They are at Wesley's old rescue the Rabbit and Guinea Pig Welfare in Rugby, England. Aren't they just adorable?

and this little youngster is Dewey playing with his treat ball!He is wearing a lovely white collar with his white mitts!

He is at his foster home in Ohio, at the Buckeye House Rabbit Society waiting for his forever heart to show up and whisk him off to cuddles and love. Isn't he just a little sweetheart?

Because I only have so much (little) room in my home and I want to help these rescues do their life-saving work, I am happy to donate my art work to help raise funds for them.

And I'm not the only one!

Pey feels the same way too. She is caregiver to Charlie, her rescue rabbit.

Pey has donated this beautiful and considered art work called The Harvest from her 'Animal Wisdom' series! Pey says The Harvest is a musing in naïve art - there is no message other than to portray a simple manifestation of joy. The Harvest measures 10" by 12" and is a clay painting.

As you can see White Bun has an awful lot of harvest picked carrots in that wheelbarrow!
Pey is an internationally collected artist and I love her intelligent style of art, she paints with heart and her pieces carry great energy.

All the funds raised from this painting in the Buckeye Winter Raffle will go towards helping Dewey and the other fortunate rabbits that are being looked after until their human soulmates come along.

Debbie feels the same aswell.

She has donated one of her Photo Prints called Snuggle Sweet Nothings! Sounds good to me.
It is an 8" x 10" image of two white rabbits, obviously extremely happy, printed on Epson Ultra Premium Luster Paper, with archival ink and a small white border for matting and handling. Your print will be signed by Debbie, titled and dated, on the back.

Debbie has many beautiful photos in her shop that attest to her love of animals and nature. I always love to stop by and gaze at them! And I'm lucky enough to own Debbie's rabbit, deer and sheep images, it was my Christmas present to myself last year!

Snuggle Sweet Nothings is in the RNGP Winter Raffle.

Kirsten also feels the same.

She has donated a Snowshoe Hare Footprint Mug! Mmm, I'll put the kettle on right away!
It measures 5 inches high and holds 18 ounces. This bold footprint is that of a snowshoe hare. These large feet help him travel across deep snow in the wintertime. In this case, his footprint is embedded into the clay of a mug and surrounded by a "peppered blue" and inside is a soft, "speckled almond" glaze. Your mug will come with a tag picturing a snowshoe hare and a brief description of Kirsten's style of pottery. The mug is food safe, microwaveable, and dishwasher safe.

Kirsten is a very talented artisan and very caring. Last year she donated a Snowshoe Hare Footprint bowl!

The Snowshoe Hare Mug is in the RNGP Winter Raffle.

So, as you can see there is plenty to have a warm heart about - rabbits are safely in rescue and foster homes awaiting their forever homes and talented and generous artists are giving exceptional prizes in two winter raffles.

It only takes one ticket to win but everyone wins in this situation, the rescues benefit enormously, the artists are spreading their heartfelt creations around the world and every time a ticket is sold, the buyer feels a warm glow in their hearts for making such a very big difference. And it does make a very big difference.

many thanks, Annette


  1. It's wonderful to see so many compassionate artists donating their work to a great cause - I wuv bunny wabbits ;-)

  2. Those are such sweet looking buns, and the raffle prizes look great!! So exciting!!!

  3. yes Doris, very generous people, and that goes for everyone buying a ticket and for those who help spread the word too, :)

    they are very sweet Lisa!


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