Thursday, 6 January 2011

Animate - InAnimate

99% of all objects in my house are 'animate', meaning that they are either an animal ornament/sculpture full of life or they have an animal on their design somewhere

and I'm talking about cups, saucers, dishes, bowls, books, covers, paintings, bags

... the list goes on and on ... until yesterday ....

.... when I received in the mail, all the way from Texas, my very first ornamental 'inanimate' object!
It is Redwood Assemblage No29 and was given life by Paula from etsy shop PaulaArt!
As I was unwrapping the parcel my first thought was that I must let Arabella and Wesley inspect it for approval!

- and so here you have Animate - Arabella & InAnimate - Redwood Assemblage29

.... uh oh! what's this in my personal space??

.... redwood what? red.. ready or not ...

.... out red spot, out! ....

..... hmph!

I fell in love with this gorgeous piece of art as soon as I saw it in Paula's shop. The burnt slivers of red and black wood in the centre, all uneven, and the scuffed grey wood triangle ends - this piece spoke to me and I could already feel it in my hands.

and like all good dreams a few months later it Was in my hands!

Paula wrote such an evocative description of this assemblage that my connection to it grew even stronger. I have know Paula on etsy for a while and admired her artwork in metal so when I saw her wood creations I knew I would be able to invest in a keepsake piece that would be light enough to ship all the way to Scotland.

... and now for Wesley's consideration ...

hey! what's this treat?

... mmmmm, gnaw, gnaw ..... 100% approval!

As any house rabbit parent will know, when your rabbit attacks or claims an object in their personal space they are making it 'theirs'. Arabella loves to throw her toys around and Wesley always drags his toys in towards him, so it is a paws up for No29!

Paula has a few more of these reclaimed wood pieces and this photo shows them beautifully in all their grandeur. The photo itself is a work of art! There are a few artists on etsy who sell photos of 'collections' and this is one of the most impressive collection photos I have ever seen.

And Paula describes each assemblage - 'like pieces of a puzzle. Experimentation. Play. The love and joy in discovering the beauty of Redwood. These small 'blocks' have been assembled for you to enjoy, ponder and use however you see fit. Place a candle on them, hang them on the wall in sets...put them on your coffee table and let them speak to you as you take in the raw earthiness that resides in each piece. These wood assemblages are a study in simplicity. Wabi Sabi. Minimalism. Use them wisely.'

a description to make you fall in love with them!

here is piece Number 39. It almost looks like a clock! I love the balance in this.

All of Paula's work uses reclaimed materials from the redwood to the puzzle piece flowers and fence insulator flowers to old metal pipe vases and contemporary wall clocks from found pieces. A woman after my own heart, only in different mediums!

love the hint of russet red at the top of this vase with the worn black. It sets off the fence insulator flowers perfectly! And the photo is taken in such a perfect setting - are you enjoying the texture and colours of the wall as much as me?

Great art is great by itself, but great art placed in just the right spot is unbeatable!

and one more vase! love the reds and black and white, plus the rust! and another great vase in a perfect setting!

and as Paula advised earlier I 'put it on my coffee table', - itself a treasured old oak table that is as old as, er, the hills and came into the family just before me. So, actually it wouldn't really be as old as the hills! It's now Arabella's table and she likes to sleep underneath so I placed it between my treasured JackRabbit's First kiss and my precious Ram!

Ram immediately turned around to admire it and was about to nibble on the end when I said 'hey! what do you think you are doing? No29 has had enough kisses for today'

but he knew I was only joking and as I turned my back I could hear some gnawing noises ...

I want to say a very Big Thank You to Paula for shipping this all the way from Texas to Scotland for me. It's a gorgeous piece of art that has so much warmth and meaning, doubly so, because I know Paula as well! and I will cherish it every day, and yes, together we will contemplate life and just 'take the air' my new inanimate No29 and me.


  1. possibly the nicest blog post in regards to a purchased piece of my art that i have ever read. thank you annette...this was such a warm post i'm all teared up. i'm so honored you would buy a piece of my art to place in your uniquely styled abode...that the rabbits accepted it is 5" of icing on the cake!!!

  2. Oh wow! Paula's art is incredible! I love it! I think it is the perfect addition to your home! I mean if the buns approve then it has to stay! I'm going to hop over and visit her shop.
    xx, shell

  3. An absolutely gorgeous piece, and much deserving of the Arabella & Wesley Seal of Approval. :)

  4. Paula this wood piece was meant for me :) and we're on the next plane over to have some of that cake! yum yum!

    her art is gorgeous and meaningful Shell! and you'll find 'white' in there too :)

    yes indeed! thanks Jade!

  5. What a really nice post! I enjoyed your words and images very much!

  6. beautiful reclaimed art! My favourite sort of art! Plus bunny approval!

  7. I love Paula's work, and to think it has the bunny stamp of approval just increases its value!

  8. That is just wonderful. I will have to check out her shop.

  9. That work looks amzing
    very creative, I love it :-)

    Enjoy your sunday !!

  10. SO Neat!
    I just found your shop today and my heart instantly loved...
    I posted a wee post about your creations with some photos from your Etsy shop, I do hope that it's okay with you...
    Wonderful work and blog.

  11. thank you very much Cynthia! and nice to know you have met the artist herself! Paula :)

    yes, mine too Juliet!

    that's right Betsy, everything here get's the 2 ears up approval!

    thanks Christina

    indeed Anya!

    sure Andrea! thanks so much for stopping by! - off to stop by you now :)


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