Friday, 28 January 2011

Bun Blog Pledge! ... Ms Rabbit travels .....

Last week I started a BUN BLOG PLEDGE to try and help the BUAV get compassionate people to sign their petition on ending animal testing for the cosmetics industry, and I was hoping that fellow bloggers may post the blog badges I made on their blogs and even invite Ms Rabbit in person to their home!

... And I'm delighted to say that Ms Rabbit packed her bag and grabbed her passport this morning and is now visiting her first host - Juliet, of Crafty Green Poet, in Edinburgh!!
Juliet has the kettle on and the biscuit tin stocked!

well, that was very nice of her! said Nettle, Ygraine and Aphrodite. They quite like biscuits and tea too and were about to pack their bags as well but I said they had some work to do here first, and just hold on a second!

I've been stopping by Juliet's blog for quite some time now so it was really a big treat to meet her in person!

She writes the most beautiful haiku that always takes me exactly there, amidst the images and emotions. Haiku is a very exacting medium with many rules so to write haiku that is both correct and moving is a real accomplishment!

Juliet wrote some very fitting haiku on Ms Rabbit's ears to accompany her on her travels -

summer storm
the sweet smell between
my rabbit's ears

mmmm! as a mum to Arabella and Wesley I can attest that the place between their ears is heaven!

I really enjoy writing alot and perhaps one day I shall venture into the world of haikus!

in the mean time, please meet Baby Hare Nettle -

Nettle is a quiet little baby hare and every day she keeps her own company all the time. Mama watches her make her way into the field just after breakfast and doesn’t hear a peep from her until dinner time. Mama has been worried because Nettle comes home every night with no friends and rarely complains, just so not like a baby hare! Not once has she made an ‘I wish I …’ to mama at bedtime story time so mama asked her if she has fun during the day and is she learning any games and skills. Well, well! did that start a torrent of tales from Nettle! She spent nearly half the night telling mama all about her awfully exciting days in the fields with harvest mouse.
She met harvest mouse one day when he was running from a hungry crow and he ran straight behind Nettle’s ear! Gosh, that sure tickled and they were rolling around in the wheat stalks for ages laughing away. Crow decided to look elsewhere for a meal. Harvest mouse then took Nettle across the field to his home and on the way they practiced climbing all the huge stalks, some bigger than others. Big to mouse, but rather, em, slim and bendy to Nettle. Never the less, they made it to the other side and Nettle got to practice her climbing skills amid the stronger bushes on the field edge.
She was a very fast climber and sure footed! Mouse was really impressed! He is now going to show her how to make a harvest mouse mother earth home with all the stalks and leaves and strands and how to weave it together into an indestructible little ball. She is really excited about that!
Nettle is looking forward to climbing up your bookcase and making a comfy nest on your shelves. She would love the window open every day so that she may visit harvest mouse in the fields so they can continue their games and skills together. Perhaps on the rainy cold days he may be allowed in too? and she hopes you don’t mind awfully if they shred some books for nest weaving practice? She promises only to shred the non library books and the ones you haven’t touched for years. You’ll never miss them will you? And perhaps you may like to help too? though no scissors allowed, only teeth!

and please meet Baby Hare Ygraine -

Ygraine is a very brave and caring hare. She can’t remember when she first started to care for others but it was probably while she was still in the nest when she looked after her teddy with great respect and tenderness. Whilst the other babies threw their teddies outside to be pecked by the thrushes or chewed by the squirrels, Ygraine would have ted hugged close to her chest, refusing to give him up, even to mama for a weekly bath.
Now that she is out and about she has made friends with so many needing a little bit of care. She has very little fear when she senses a call for help and wades right in there to give a hug and supportive smile. Goodness me! She sure has startled a few herbivore passers-by as they glimpse her firmly clasping mother fox or papa stoat. Everyone goes thru low periods once in a while and Ygraine really is the best remedy.
Now she is being gladly helped by another eager giver, baby rabbit, who isn’t too good at seeing. Not that that is being held against him, goodness no, because he really has the warmest, firmest little bear hug that any tiny rabbit can give. Partridge gave out quite a squeal when she was in his embrace but his magic sure worked! Now Ygraine and baby rabbit have their biggest task to complete, word just came thru that bear has not been too happy, so they have both packed their knapsacks and are off to meet bear to make things better. Ygraine, as usual, is not worried, but she has been practicing an extra firm handshake just to be on the right footing.
Ygraine is looking forward to a comfy shelf, not too high up mind you, because baby rabbit will be staying too and he can’t jump as high and may miss the shelf with his not so good eyesight. She will love an open window so that she can go out and make her visits at any time for those a little under the weather. Ofcourse you don’t have to be under the weather to get one of her hugs mind you. And if you like she will teach you how to be more caring and perhaps you would also like to accompany her when she cheers up frog, snake, spider and rat? She doesn’t mind who gets a hug, as long as it is received with open arms, or 6.

and lastly please meet Baby Hare Aphrodite -

Aphrodite is one of the most beautiful hares ever born. She is also rather shy but very wise, and whilst her appearance has attracted great attention it has not gone past her that looks are only fleeting and true beauty comes from the heart and mind. So she has begun to learn as much as possible and to be as compassionate as she can.
She spends most of the day, every day, with her nose in a book and absorbs everything she reads like a sponge. Such devotion to learning has sparked the other babies to follow suit and the mothers are amazed that the babies are so eager to learn. Playing was not all it was cut out to be so instead of daily play sessions with lots of competitiveness and bickering, the baby hares now have planned activities linked to their day’s studies.
Today Aphrodite will be leading the class on a geology lesson. That’s always exciting as there are so many rocks to inspect. Tomorrow they will be learning about flight and eagle has promised to come by after breakfast and take some of them for a demonstration.
And the day after they all want to have lessons on drawing still life, maybe even a mama or papa will pose for them amongst the kale and turnips. No doubt Aphrodite will be very good at drawing as she shows great promise already with her fur nibbling impressions. She has nibbled a hare into the fur on her side and everyone has admired it! Though there will be no fur nibbling in class, as paper and pencils will be provided.
Aphrodite is looking forward to a cosy spot on your bookshelf where she will be reading books all day, and ofcourse continuing her lessons, so she will need the window open to go out and attend them. She hopes you won’t mind if she borrows some books for the day’s lesson plans, she’ll bring them back in the same condition, promise! And perhaps you may be interested in getting a fur nibbling done on the side of your head? She can do nearly any animal, but especially hares!

These 3 hares are in my etsy shop now. They have animals and words all over them from the thrifted tea towel they came from. It's great to see words in unexpected places! I've always liked text on fabric.... what next?

do join in!

SIGN the PETITION Here and perhaps invite Ms Rabbit to ruffle thru your cosmetic bag !

uh oh! someone's spotted the biscuit tin!! .....


  1. They are the sweetest baby hares, I love their eyes. It's that "I'm ever so neglected, haven't eaten in minutes" expression Mickey likes to make at me. :)

  2. The new hares are gorgeous. WIsh I could sign the petition and all that, but it's just for Europe. Keep up the good work.

  3. Diana it has a drop down menu - all the countries are there.
    Must be because it's affecting the European rules.

    thanks Jade! (I know what that 'look' looks like too :) ha ha!

  4. what lovely stories, I particularly like Nettle's friendship with the harvest mouse and I'd love to be in Aphrodite's geology class (I'm doing a geology class at the moment!).

    It was lovely to meet you Annette and I'm looking after Ms Rabbit carefully!

  5. Dear Annette - Humphrey and I, over at Cottontails, would love to invite Ms Rabbit to stay with us in Herefordshire for a while. She could help us parcel up our toy rabbits and talk to me about the BUAV campaign so that I can write about it on the blog. It's something I would like to spend more time on anyway - I stopped shopping at the Body Shop a couple of years ago, when L'Oreal bought them, and on the whole try to be thoughtful - but occasionally I will lapse when I am in the supermarket and need some shampoo or something. There's a lot more I could do.

    I love your stories about the new hares. You are so imaginative. You really should be published - or perhaps you are?

    I'm afraid we couldn't really meet for tea like Crafty Green Poet as it would be a bit of a trek. And I should probably warn Ms Rabbit that there would not be too many biscuits here - Humphrey made rather a pig of himself over Christmas, suffered a touch of digestive trouble and is now on a strict diet. (He is not very happy about this).

    Love Charlotte

  6. thank you Charlotte and Humphrey! I am sure Ms Rabbit would love to come and stay! she is happy with cake if there are no biscuits!

    the CO OP do their own brand of cheap but effective shampoos, only £1 each.

  7. Ok, I'm finally getting a chance to leave my comment that I wanted to leave several days ago. Where in the world does the time go?!
    First, I signed the petition even though I'm in the US. Second, I put Ms. Rabbit on my blog side bar. Third, I use Mary Kay makecup, that not only does not test on animals, but also promotes women in business. Plus, I love the products. I also use Treseme shampoo and styling products. They also do not test on critters and are happy to say so on their labels.
    xx, shell

  8. Shell I have no idea where time goes! I'm the same here!
    thanks for singing! it's worldwide and great about your make up products!

  9. What marvellous Hares! They are beautiful.

  10. many thanks Laurie! I had a really interesting time reading your stories on your writing blog - so very fascinating!


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