Saturday, 1 January 2011

Snow Fall on the Jade garden

There is still snow about though most of the city snow has gone.
My home has had quite a bit of snowfall in the Jade Garden though and some mothers and babies have come in for some warmth.

As always I try to use as much 'thrifted' material as possible. Isn't that such a nice word? thrifted! it has a nicer ring than 'charity shop find' or 'second hand shop scrap'. I am always on the look out for nice material in which to welcome a hare and I am very fond of this amazing flowery jade turquoise material. It was an oval tablecloth once! The white quilted satiny material was a bedspread!

This is Mother Hare Morgana

and Mother Hare Muskova

and Mother Hare Eolande

and this is real size Baby Hare Isolde

and real size Baby Hare Jet

now I just have to spend some time with each of them as they tell me their stories.

I love writing these stories and I shall be publishing my very first book this year. Ofcourse a wonderful dream would be to have a publisher 'publish' them for me and I could do a book signing and read a few of the stories to all the adults sitting around. It is adults that I write for. Though the children would love them just as much I am sure.

amongst the snow in the Jade Garden were the WinterGarden Baby Squirrels

these little ones were stitched one day and sold the next! they didn't even make my etsy shop!

they came from a very beautiful unused linen tea towel

I could think of nothing else but cutting it into animals as soon as I set eyes on it. That happens alot when I look admiringly at fabrics that I come across, in shops, on passers-by, taking tea in a friend's house, online .....

and what could be more complimentary than to give a life to a scrap of fabric?

time is getting on, it is 2011 after all, and the hares are heading off to my etsy shop ....

Only 1 month left before the tension and frustration of the tiger year dissipates and the Yin Metal Rabbit Year begins! I am looking forward to the lagomorph year! Could I ask for any other animal to carry me in the next 12 months? ... I don't think so ..!

wishing you all a prosperous, healthy and happy 2011


  1. Gaspingly beautiful!!!! The book, the book!!! how xciting.

  2. Love the squirrels, especially their fuzzy tails. I would think any bit of fabric would be honored to be used in such a fashion. Congrats as well on the book, let us know when it is published.

    A Happy, Hoppy New Year to you and the buns. :)

  3. Gorgeuos bunnies and squirrels! Each seems to have its own personality and expression.

    The thought of a book is very exciting.

  4. Hi Annette,

    Love your new bunnies. And here's hoping that you get a publisher. Happy New Year!


  5. thank you Diana!

    thanks Jade :)

    thank you Sue!

    I shall be 'self publishing' :)
    and I shall announce it all here first

  6. thank you Lynn! the publisher shall be Dragon House of Yuen :) baby hare publishing department!

  7. Love the color! Its so amazing how you can take a wild thrift store fabric, and "see" creatures in it.

  8. Happy new year to you, Annette!
    I wish you peace & joy for the year ahead and may it be full of rabbits and hares.

    The fabric you sourced is wonderful and just perfect for these beautiful new creations. I agree 'thrifting' does sound so much better than our UK versions!

  9. thanks Karen! there is always something beautiful around

    thanks Laura!

  10. Oh what lovely bunnies and squirrels, it's wonderful to repurpose old thrift shop finds! That flowery jade fabric os gorgeous!

    I look forward to hearing more about your book!


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