Tuesday, 22 March 2011

guess where she has been?!

the other day Arabella my art-accessory occasional bag arrived back from her photoshoot

she was pretty hungry and a little jet-lagged, ..yawn..

and not up to going out anywhere

so we stayed in for dinner ...

meanwhile Arabella received a delivery of hays to sample to see which she would prefer to munch on daily

the advert said 'you will find a hay guaranteed to please even the fussiest of eaters' ...

I'm not fussy! exclaimed Arabella, tucking into another leaf of green ...

Arabella even has hay in her own heart shaped bowl. Eat in style I say!

and in my bowl I have a mixed vegetable broth. (I got a set of 4 for £2 in a thrift shop).
Mixed, because it all depends on what the rabbits are having for dinner that day, and I eat the bits they don't like, or, er, don't get to eat. Such as broccoli stems, which cause a little indigestion.
Besides, it really doesn't matter what I put in this gorgeous heart shaped bowl - it will all taste superb just being served in it! ... mixed hay perhaps?

Ahem! so where has Arabella the bag been? enquired Arabella

Yeah! c'mon! let's hear - spill the broccoli! er, I meant beans!

shall publish the good news in a week's time :)


  1. Oooh, cannot wait to hear the story, although I would guess Miss Arabella the supermodel accessory has probably been jet-setting to many a posh photoshoot--perhaps Milan or Paris or NYC for Fashion Week?

    Mr. Mick shares the other Miss Arabella's finicky tastes when it comes to hay, although he is becoming partial to oat hay and orchard grass (if it's a proper kind of oat hay and orchard grass, that is).

  2. Lol, your buns are so lucky. Poor Scamp gets our left overs and there are your buns making you eat theirs! He obviously has a bit to learn still on human wrangling.

  3. I love Arabella sampling all the types of hay, priceless! Look forward to finding out where the Arabella bag has been, somewhere warm and sunny?

  4. The hay samplers looked divine, best not to show it to Charlie, he would want the same...... and doesn't take no for an answer.
    Can't wait to hear !

  5. Don't leave us hangin'! and Wow. That hay buffet looks exquisite! which one did she choose? My bunnies would probably nom all of them GONE within an hour or two.

  6. oooh those hays look yummy! any one would satisfy my munchie moments! it seems my rocky has taken a special liking to liver and bacon - such a yucky smell! waiting on the next chapter with anticipation!

  7. I'm easily wrangled Tamsin! and the hays are still here ...!

  8. The hay taste test looks great! :)

  9. Oh the suspense! I can't wait to hear!!
    xx, shell

  10. I would love to find a hay my giant would eat. He refuses to eat hay no matter what I buy. Would you share your source?

  11. well the hay test is still ongoing ....

    and no verdict yet Shell!

    but Natascha we are coming close to a winner!
    I bought them online from the Hay Experts, a UK company -
    and I bought 2 big bags as well, you know, just incase the 6 small bags were no good!


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