Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Nice to Know

Over the last couple of years I've been able to help make a small difference to two rabbit rescues that I support by donating my art instead of money. There are two winners in this scenario, infact three winners - the rescue, the prize winner and me, because everyone is happy with the result!

Last winter I donated Mother Hare Ermine, the white one, and

beautiful Mother Hare Fortuna.

I don't always find out who wins the art I donate, and in most cases I don't get to 'meet' the winner. So it was a heart warming surprise when things were familiar this time!

As well as my hare donations, there was also this cute-as-can-be doggy bag by Eline, a good friend!
And the winner happened to be my niece! Here she is very proudly showing off her new bag!

Eline is not just a friend, she is also a very talented lady indeed - just look at the detail on this very delicate lacy capelet in her etsy shop.
The good thing about getting to know the artist is that the prize becomes so much more meaningful. A bag is not just a bag. It is a bag made with love by a person you know and admire.

My niece is very much a lady loving pink, and strong willed, so I knew that I had to get her the perfect gift last year.
What could be better than a hand knitted super kitty hat from Ama?

Wow! not just warm, but fun and with attitude! not many hats can attest to that!

and not just any hand knitted hat, but made by a lady on etsy who helps her local animal rescue and who won the very first Arabella art-accessory bag that I donated to a rabbit rescue!
Now isn't that a nice connection?
Thanks Ama! I love your work on etsy and your huge heart - and so does my niece!

So when I heard that the winner of Fortuna happened to be my good friend Debbie from ShadedMemories on etsy, I was so pleased!
Here is Fortuna saying hi to Rosie and asking her all about the roses in her name. Fortuna was brought up in rose bushes by her mother and just loves them. Now isn't that a coincidence!

and here is Debbie with Fortuna and Bogart. I can see lots of kisses being shared!

Debbie has been a super supporter of the raffles I have been in and she kindly donated art for the rescue rabbits as well! many thanks Debbie!

this is one of her photographs - Snuggle Sweet Nothings, and I proudly own this piece. Not hard to see why I love it so much eh?

and this deer - the Sweetest Visitor, is my favourite piece! (I have it too ofcourse). I just adore deer and antelope and if my home was big enough I'd have a few!

when Ermine went to her new home she made a new friend for me! Infact she made 5! She went to live with Sue and her 4 small sighthounds, Sweet Pea, Farf, Pepie and Precious Gemma .

Here she is with Sweet Pea! Cute as a button eh?
have a look at the next photo then -

this is Sweet Pea is a doggie snug. do I hear an 'aaawww'?

I love to meet the fur friend winners too, infact I think I just may have more fur friends than human friends now!

Sue is a very big animal lover and she makes beautiful pendants and pin brooches for her shop. I love the gentle expression on this dog.

and a playful cat too!
Being surrounded by canines doesn't mean you can't dream about felines, or lagomorphs or cervines right?

so, I'm not just giving - I'm receiving too - and my small act of kindness has linked so many caring hearts together and made a circle complete - and that's nice to know.

this Easter please make your rabbit of choice a chocolate one, or, er, a soft sculpture one :)


  1. Hi Annette,

    Oh! Sweetpea in that snug!!

    I have just had a comment on my blog from Gill over at

    She would love to host Ms Rabbit if you wouldn't mind adding her to your sidebar?

    Yes Ms Rabbit headed off to Jane's on Monday or Tuesday, I can't remember which off hand - she went via recorded first class mail so I imagine she will be there by now. She'll probably be wanting an eclair..

    Love Charlotte

  2. many thanks Michele! please give your 2 cats a fur rub from me!

    thanks Charlotte! I have added Gill - this is very exciting!
    will look forward to Jane's post!

  3. It seems like a really wonderful community and so exciting to be a part of.

    Can I get a dog snug for Biff?! It's so cute!

  4. heh heh Lisa - my thoughts precisely!!

  5. What wonderful photos and we love our Hare. I dont leave her out anywhere where another bun can molest her though. You should have seen what Millie did to Haven's lovely bed roll, sheesh.

    Thank you for supporting the rescues and yes indeed I hope and pray more people will make theirs chocolate this year.

    Kisses to Wesley and Arabella.

  6. hello annette, i give you a big aaawww! you are such a sweetheart and i say fur friends are the best!

  7. Wow, what great friends you have, and I couldn't think of someone who would deserve good friends more than you. You are so kind to give away your wonderful bunnies and hares. What great work you are doing! I am off to see more of those shops, that capelet is GORGEOUS!
    Hope you're well,

  8. How lovely to see where your donations have ended up, Annette! Have enjoyed meeting Rosie, Bogart & Sweet Pea here too - all 3 beautiful dogs, with Bogart reminding me very much of my first childhood dog, Brandy. It's great that us artists & animal lovers can make these connections - I am the proud owner of one of Sue's brooch pins, with a lovely greyhound on it in pink ;-)

  9. many thanks Christina! I can imagine the bed roll :)

    thanks Pat, fur friends are the best!

    thank you Meghann!

    I agree Jane, and nice to know Sue's work is adorning your clothing!

  10. Lovely stories - handmade is the best - great photos too :)

  11. I just saw you (and Wesley) in the Etsy Finds email from Saturday!

  12. thanks Julia, I agree

    yes! that was a very nice surprise Annette :)


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