Monday, 28 March 2011

from the Heart

I have alot to be grateful for.
I've been selling my art online since 2007 and I'm lucky that I have customers who love my work. I've also met some amazing people online who have given me friendship and support.
I can honestly say that I would not be here today, progressing with my path of hand made art, from my heart, if it was not for my friends.

Now I make sure that my birthday presents and Christmas presents come from artists on etsy.

Because I know that the majority of them are on the same sea as me, in their own boat, paddling away, trying to stay afloat.

Above is my first inanimate art assemblage that I lovingly took into my home. It's by Paula from PaulaArt on etsy.
It sits beside my treasured original clay painting of two spots by Pey from PeyLu on etsy.

Paula is going thru rough seas at the moment.

So she is having a fundraiser to help weather the storm, with the option to choose a prize from -

the Wonder Horse II, a mixed media assemblage, or

Wall Dancers, a mixed media with photo assemblage
This piece reminds me of hares reaching up! I can see at least 3!

The winner will be able to choose between these two original pieces of art and Paula will ship worldwide.
To participate please visit here, and read more about the works and fundraiser. Suggested donation to enter the raffle is $15 or more.
It ends in a couple of days.

Paula uses discarded and unwanted metal and wood in her creations. I have always loved wood for it's tactile quality and beautiful appearance. I also love metal that is textured, hammered and has 'weight' to it.
Like this ring holder above!
I really like the base with the cog. Cogs always say to me 'pick me up, turn me around in your fingers!'
I could get all my rings on this too and it would double as a paperweight.

For those green of finger and thumb how about an amazing pair of Bromeliads!
These flowers are everlasting and would brighten your garden, or window box, or terrace, all year round. And when you are gazing out across the ocean in the dusk, the petals on these beauties will still be open. Day and night flowers!

and for the minimalist - a single Bromeliad

if you aren't so savvy at telling the time from the sun, or the night sky planets as they ascend and descend the heavens, then a clock is essential - especially to remind you of afternoon tea time!

and if you have house rabbits, er, I mean boat rabbits - then you will have to stock up on your clover supplies - like this everlasting Dusty Gray Clover
not sure if Arabella or Wesley will approve, but it will last a few nibbles any way.

and because the time was right and I have calm seas at the moment, I studied Paula's wood assemblage collection, above, and chose my 2nd Inanimate object

this piece 'spoke' to me as my eyes scanned the pieces.
It's made up of two parts that fit together perfectly but on their own are perfect by themselves.
It also has alot of history and once this tree would have been home to many birds and insects, maybe even squirrels and opossums? feeling the rain and sun, greeting the stars every night, before it became a structure for humans and was then perfectly refashioned by Paula's hands and eye!
~ from Paula's heart ~

sure, sure! said Arabella - just let me sniff it first!

Yup! I want a look in too! said Wesley

and ofcourse it will be getting the house rabbit whisk of approval! Here is Arabella saying hello to Assemblage No29.
It may even be claimed by both of them? (whew! just as well there are 2 parts!)

there are only a couple of days left to enter Paula's raffle, however her etsy shops are always open
and I hope that the stormy seas are not too hard on her and wish her a safe journey from my heart

her friend Bai, in her own boat on the high seas, did a post for Paula - please Visit Here
and I have copied Bai's summary of links, below,

- Paula’s Etsy shop for found object flowers: Click here.
- Her Etsy shop for home d├ęcor items from recycled objects:
Click here.
- Her blog:
Click here.
- Her personal website: Click here.
- Participate in her fundraising giveaway:
Click here

thank you


  1. few times do i have tears in my eyes when reading a blog post. my tears are blobs of gratitude and incredulousness. like bai, i know you work 80 hours a week or more...i know you are busy all the time and just you taking the time to write/post/find those pictures and link to things, makes me feel all warm inside. i thank you for your inspiration and your kindness, your support emotionally and as a peer. thank you my friend.

  2. you are welcome Paula! I cherish all my handmade items because I know they bring change and a lift to the heart :) x2

  3. Hi Annette,

    So nice to see you wrote about Paula as well. She is a lovely person and wonderful artist and deserves our support. And I envy you for owning her arts. Very beautiful pieces of wood with lovely stories behind. Arabella and Wesley are super very cute, too!!

  4. I enjoyed reading this post Annette, and what wonderful things Paula makes!

    Enjoy spring.

  5. You're a great friend Annette! I love Paula's art, especially her 'industrial flowers' - they really appeal to me. Wishing her calmer waters in the near future. Jx

  6. great overview of our friend Paula. Thanks Annette!

  7. You both are so creative. I would never be able to see those things and make something interesting out of them. What talent.

  8. Great post !
    xoxo to you both !


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