Sunday, 10 April 2011

the word is out ...

usually I don't go on about myself, too much, hopefully hardly at all infact, as I much prefer my art to do the talking for me, as I can rather beat about the bush at times, and sometimes it's a few bushes at that, and when I get going I ...

.. anyway ... I was interviewed by my friend Anne and her adorable pup Bean from etsy shop BeanTown Handmade the other week

and I thought I'd better put on my best smile just to show you all that I am a human, and, er, not a hare, like most of you probably think I am, since all I ever write about is hares, and from a hare's perspective.

Here I am a few years ago having a good hair day. It's a typical Scottish summers day ... I'm spending time in one of the locations where I set my baby hare stories. Just over those hill-lets is a cold, grey, windswept beach with icy chilled water splashing in from the North Sea.

Alot of my babies grew up here and not far from this location is a meadow where the majority of my stories are set, in less turbulent conditions.

I'm nice and warm mind you, I've got on my Norwegian made wool sweater and some hat that blew by in the wind ...

... perhaps I should be taking a leaf out of Bean's book and going for a Pumkin Hat instead?
Isn't Bean delightful? He looks snugger than me!

Ofcourse I'm being a typical Scot, underdressing, and not covering my neck with suitable fibres as would suit the weather.
Perhaps I should take a fur strand out of Bean's wardrobe and go for one of these neckerchiefs? They are actually bandana collar sleeves, but un-dog-speak I'd use them as a cowboy style neckerchief! I would say a big YES to both of these!
Digging that squirrel!
goodness! I am in dog-speak! ahem, I mean - I really do like that squirelly one!

and to keep the cold right out there is always this custom dog sweater with very chic stripes! Love the colours! and I must say, Bean is one handsome boy! He is very lucky to have such a talented mum! I can see that he will never have the type of wardrobe problems I do!

and if I was contemplating taking Arabella or Wesley out with me for some of the gale force sand-whipping winds that come in across the North Sea then I would make sure to attire them in suitable garb - like this toasty looking coat here! Not just for Sphynxs!
Arabella and Wesley have a few words to say about those cat gods ..... (oops, unfortunately I can't print what they said, this is PG rated under 18!)

A big thanks to Anne for writing about me on the Handmadeology Blog
and for reprinting my words
on her own blog BeanTown Handmade, er, I've been corrected - it's 'Bean's Blog'!


  1. lovely photo of you, and thank YOU so much Annette for doing the interview! I hope I was able to share your wonderful hares and stories with some new folks. I hope everything came together wonderfully for your show - looks like you created some beautiful new pieces! Bean and Lily send their best to Arabella and Wesley :)

  2. What a nice interview, i enjoyed reading that!

  3. Nice to see you Annette :-)

    Fantastic interview !!!!

  4. i LOVE your hat...i can't believe that is a summer for you though, looks quite chilly. i laugh, you are probably as hermetic when it comes to having your picture taken than even i am eh? well its nice to see what you look like, that you dont have a soft button whiskery nose :)

  5. Lovely country side. I didn't realize it was so cold there in the summer. I read many books that take place in Scottland. I hope to visit there one day.

  6. Bean is gorgeous, as are Anne's creations. Enjoyed reading your interview & nice to see a pic ;-)

  7. The interview was great, love bean town too.Linda:)

  8. I was only partially joking about the summer - most days it's raining! actually, we do have some hot sunny days here, but not always!
    thanks so much for everyone's comments!

  9. So great to see you girlfriend! Wonderful interview and you live in such a beautiful place!
    xx, shell

  10. You fit the place you're in so wonderful!


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