Saturday, 2 April 2011

the Postman always Rings Twice, ... er, Thrice

and not a single brown window envelope in sight!

Infact it was 2 big boxes that crossed the threshold the other day. I was very lucky as my latest purchase from the States arrived safely, em, in two pieces!

the Arabella bags rushed over to inspect it and could see nothing wrong - it looked like a perfectly healthy piece of gnawing sized wood to them.

and indeed it was just perfect - my 2nd inanimate object has just joined my household of animate objects and beings.

This is Number 18 Redwood Assemblage by Paula of etsy shop PaulaArt. It's made with care and now sits happily beside my Number 29 Redwood Assemblage.

It has two organic halves that fit snugly into each other, each piece just right as it is or content as a whole. I love it!

Package number two had 500 postcards in it.

Being the thrifty Scot that I am, I wanted to make sure that I got my money's worth, so I designed my postcard with a dotted line thru the centre that can be cut to make 1000 bookmarks!
However I was working to a deadline on some super excellent money saving deal and faffing around with software I had no experience in and I never managed to upload a picture of the tiny scissors in time, so I now have to hand draw 500 of them and write 'clip and keep bookmarks' on them.

I have a mama hare story on he top half and a baby hare story below featuring my new illustrations that are also available as wall decals from Paul's etsy shop Wilson Graphics.

Surely everyone will be keeping these cutesy bookmarks for a very long time?

and because I wanted to save even more money, read = not spend money I really didn't have, I used the back to advertise my upcoming Exhibition that I have spent the last month getting ready for, and this month to get it all together!

waste not, want not. Though not everything not wanted is not necessarily wasted ...

these babies were made from fabric not wanted, but I'm sure the babies will be

and these babies are from fabric bits too. I have a little meadow full of at least 8 mamas and 29 babies and 8 squirrels ... nearly all ready to go to the exhibition ... just a few more names and stories ....

and the Third parcel?

Well guess what? I WON Paula's art fundraiser!! and the brown hares reaching up to the stars is mine!!!

I have a few pieces of precious original art in my home and it's great to welcome this piece to join my collection! love the colours, textures and the hares!
many, many thanks Paula!

Arabella is wondering when the postie will be bringing her treats?

As you can see the tasty sample bags of delicious hay are, er, still in their bags! It would be a different matter if there was broccoli or oats in them instead!

will have news about my Arabella Bag and upcoming exhibition very, very soon.


  1. Love all the little baby faces peeking out of their box--and Miss Arabella looks oh-so-cozy and snuggy. If I were that cozy, I wouldn't want to move, either. :)

  2. Delightful reading. Lovely photos. I adore your baby rabbits in the box :)
    The exhibition sounds exciting, look forward to reading all about it.

  3. What a wonderful mail day! I do love getting packages!
    The babies are just precious! I truly is wonderful getting and giving handmade art.
    xx, shell

  4. haha love your new works, LOVE your new postcards...and i'll be sending you the biggest box yet!!! :)

  5. What a wonderful post! I enjoyed every word, every photo! Go Arabella!!!

  6. lovely, lovely! It's always nice to get such wonderful packages in the post!

  7. Best of luck with your upcoming exhibition. The cards look fantastic as do Arabella and Wesley.

  8. Looks like it was a wonderful post day indeed:D

    Your bookmarks look great....advertising for exhibitions can be pricey so looks to me like you were thrifty and super smart on your design.

    Arabella looks oh so cozy and beautiful in that last photograph...ahhhh does my heart good to see another bunny in the world looking so so loved and comfortable.

    Hope your having a wonderful week Annette.

    XO Mandy and the Buns in the North:D

  9. Oh how great that you are having an exhibition , with moving etc I am quite out of the loop. I will make a point of getting along to see it. ( And love how your postcard/bookmarks have turned out !

  10. Love the cards, great idea, can't wait to hear about the exhibition.
    I'm sure it will be a great success !!

  11. All very intriguing Annette! Look forward to hearing more about your bags & exhibition, & so pleased to hear you won Paula's giveaway too ;-)


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