Thursday, 14 April 2011

HOT from Austria!

Arabella is delighted to announce that her photo-shoot was in Austria!

and she appeared in their popular, widely read magazine frisch gekocht - Freshly Cooked

as soon as the magazine came thru the letter box she ripped open the envelope and scoured the cover for her picture but only saw an egg masquerading as a rabbit, gulp!

then she called over her friend, Arabella-Elk, and they started to flick thru the pages, 4 eyes are better than 2,

but they got side tracked on some nice looking kale soup pictures, yum

then they came to a page filled with rabbits, rabbits and more rabbits ...

and they scoured the pages for Arabella ....

only to spot her in the corner - and on her side - gosh!

they peered closer, Arabella took a little gulp and thought maybe it was a mistake and perhaps it was that sculpture that has been usurping her at the photo-shoot, but no, ...

... with their whiskers touching the page, they could clearly see that it was indeed Arabella!

... on her side .. with her contents awry on the floor ....

and it was not just Arabella in a tussle, but a chicken had lost their head too ... oooh!

Arabella-Elk wanted to know exactly what had been going on in Austria? at the photo-shoot?

Well, Arabella began, I sneaked off to have a go on the red rocking rabbit and got it moving at quite a speed when suddenly the next thing I knew I was sprawled on the floor with the photographer shouting
'little bahnni geev me ahttitude'
'geev me beeg ears'
'bee my seksi bahnni'
crikey! and all I could see were flashes of blinding lights!

hmmm ...
they both sat there in silence for a few minutes then quietly admired the little foil chickens making their way over to help Arabella get up

and as they silently turned the last few pages Arabella was thankful that she never ended up in the carrot soup like this rabbit

Arabella and I would like to say a BIG Thank You to Verena at Frisch Gekocht for such a wonderful photo-spread! We love it and are delighted! really!

and I would like to say many thanks to Karen at Selvage Blog for featuring my very first Arabella Art-Accessory bag with bits of selvedge on it that Verena's editor first noticed and requested for the photo shoot.

Well, that bag was sold a couple of years ago so after a nice visit to the Chanel counter for some wayward ribbon I managed to make this one up in 6 days and have her couriered to Austria in time for their photo shoot.
Arabella is now looking for a forever home in the limelight with no rocking rabbits or flash photogaphy thanks! nor carrot soup either!


  1. oh what fun for Arabella and what a great photo spread! Congratulations all round!

  2. Congratulations! How cool is that!
    xx, shell

  3. What a wonderful opportunity for Arabella...not just to be featured in this magazine spread but to have survived, ego intact, her run-in with the swelled-head photographer. And she didn't end up in the soup!

  4. Congrats on the publicity!

  5. What an exciting story! Scary even. But with a happy ending.
    I'm emjoying your blog. Thanks for the mention. :)

  6. Love the photoshoot - congrats to Arabella & you ;-)

  7. thanks Juliet and Shell!

    Suzanne that is funny!

    thanks Lisa!

    no probs Karen! thanks so much to you!

    yes Diana, we have a diva here now :)

    thank you Jane!


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