Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Snail Mail delivers Rabbit Love (worldwide)

Arabella and I are rather partial to the sound of snail mail coming thru the letter box.

More often than not it is treats for her and Wesley, supplies for me and bills to keep the home in good order.

But today we both got a delightful surprise when the same letter was for BOTH of us!

I support the BUAV, a UK based charity who's vision is to create a world where nobody wants or believes we need to experiment on animals.
Count me in! I support them wholeheartedly!
and I receive their newsletters by snail mail and today in the mail was the latest issue ....

Arabella and I opened it together - Arabella was catching the warm spring rays - and after reading the first page and turning the second - who should we see? but ..

the Princess herself!! Arabella!!

WOW! did we both fall over in astonishment! I sure did!

Arabella took it much more calmly than me and proceeded to read thru the article.

It's all about the Bun Blog Pledge I started a month ago to highlight the plight of labs animals in the EU, and the cosmetics industry trying to delay a ban on these experiments! (why? just crazy! - 1 good reason to avoid the companies and outsourced labs testing for these commercial giants)

Arabell said that the only type of bars on a rabbit should be those made by the sun's rays. I agree.

we were delighted to see a photo of Arabella there with her friend Humphrey from Cottontails!

Then after we had finished reading and smiling and feeling chuffed, Arabella turned over the page for us

and we had more to celebrate as our favourite supermarket Sainsburys is now BUAV approved on it's own brand cosmetics and toiletries! Well done Sainsburys!
As soon as I heard the news I phoned their public relations department to thank them.

I've been shopping in their stores for years because the staff are always friendly and always go out of their way, even for someone as fussy and particular as me, and it is never too much bother for any of them. And I like that! So glad they came on board to support the animals and make it easier for their customers.

Arabella is happy too because it means that I can now buy my toothpaste and shampoo there when I rush in every couple of days for her greens, carrots, turnips and kale!

This is Ms Rabbit when she first came by to say hello to us and help spread the word. (I'm the type of gal who likes advertising material, posters, tickets, adverts etc, so when I saw her I knew I wanted her straight away!)

Please take a minute of your time and fill in the SAY NO TO CRUEL COSMETICS online petition - it has 41,308 signatures already - and there are over 6 billion humans on earth - and good news! the petition is WorldWide - look for your country in the drop down bar.

(incidently the human population is forecast to hit 7 billion this year and there is a website dedicated to raising awareness about human overpopulation, Population Matters, especially in regards to endangering the world for all the other species ~ are we not all equal beings in this shared utopia? I hope to believe so)

billions of beings aside - in my life I concentrate on my two precious little beings here, Arabella and Wesley.

Arabella came into my life in August 2005 when I saw a brown doe with no name in a cage in a rat rescue centre one hours drive up North from here. She had been locked up in a hutch her whole life and was now thankfully at the rescue centre, waiting for me to take her home and into my heart.

She has been a good bun - she is an angel, and I absolutely love her to bits and centre my whole life around her. I chose rabbits instead of children, and I'm blessed to have two beautiful human nieces as well.

Now that she is at least 6 1/2 years old, maybe a little older, (older than my nieces!) she has been showing signs of bad arthritis in her hind quarters. We've been looking for a solution to work since 2009 and tried a few things. We are into mother nature cures and remedies like homeopathy and herbs and stuff like that.
So I recently bought 2 types of magnetic products for her to try.
That small pad I'm holding has super strong Neodymium magnets in it that actively help the cells and stimulate circulation. It's called The Senza and is marketed as a tool to help cramps - but I like to improvise.

Arabella uses her front feet to support her body nearly all the time now, and if she is not lying flat with legs stretched out then she 'hunches' painfully for a while. She can't put any weight on her left leg at all and a few times has 'stumbled' over.

The pad has a clingy side, so I made a cotton sleeve from old brushed cotton sheets

that way it doesn't cling to the fur on her feet. Her tail has disappeared too as her back has worsened. No more fluffy butts photos from us folks :)

I also bought her a less powerful magnetic pad to lie about on. It's called the Stress Buster Pad and every night she sleeps on it, and usually a few hours during the day.

I bought these pads online from Liz, and she was very attentive and a very lovely lady. I have had a real bad run of migraines this year, worse than ever, so I've been trying them too. (er, when Arabella lets me!)

Because she rarely uses her fleece lined kitty litter any more, I sewed up lots of towel / brushed cotton pads and I place these in all the lie-up spots that she uses during the day. That way when she does do the toilet then no fluid is left soaking into her furred feet.
Whilst the fleeces were great when she was more mobile, as her arthritis has progressed we have found these pads work great. One stain and they are in the wash and a new one goes down. The fluid is wicked away instantly from her feet and tush area.

I know she is in pain, and my heart breaks at this, but at least her feet are dry, she has plenty of fresh food and an unlimited supply of top quality love, 24hours a day, on call, at your service, free-fone, pre-paid, everlasting! (you get the picture :)

Plus she wants to know when her delivery of Myristol pellets are coming from the Colorado House Rabbit Society? We read that they have helped other arthritic rabbits and Arabella said she wanted to try some straight away, but it's already been a week - perhaps the snail is tired? and maybe the hare can carry the parcel faster to us?

Fingers, er, paws crossed we get them thru the letterbox tomorrow!

Meanwhile I have been flat out like the boastful hare in the Tortoise and Hare race - and been busy making these and

making these and

coming up with 30 stories for these named baby hares, all collared with their names, and

busy stuffing up some mamas and then naming and storying them! whew!
(huh? what do you mean storying is not a verb? - sure is to me! I'm nearly all storied out - only 40 more to go!)

My exhibition will be starting in a weeks time in my local library in Portobello, Edinburgh

it will feature about 40 baby hare and mama hares with stories beside them. After all - libraries are for reading (and looking :), so will be nice to have some of my stories for others to see

My mum has been coming down to whip me into gear! What would I do without her? I would be floundering! and she came up with a delightful way to display the stories next to each hare! ...

they shall be on scrolls, and unfurled, on unglassed black and gold frames, and their namesakes shall be near them! voila!
(just, erm, a few dozen to finish off within the next week!)
- Can you see Arabella supervising from her In-Out Lie Up?

Arabella as always, gets the last word -
'3 dozen stories, yeah, yeah, well when I was at the rescue I could tell you 30 dozen stories!' ...

... 'and hey! don't forget to sign that No Cruel Cosmetics petition! - put your paw print on it! ...
c'mon! - surely I have at least a billion blog readers eh?'

'(and one day Annette will eating my Myristol too, just wait till it's my turn to make dinner :)'


  1. it's shocking! in all the excitement I completely forgot my manners!!!
    so I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Liz Evers from the BUAV for putting Arabella and Ms Rabbit and Humphrey in the Newsletter!!

    furry bunny kisses coming your way xxx

  2. Lovely write up. BUAV are excellent at campaigning against lab animals, I have supported the, for years, well done to Arabella and friends for modelling :)
    Hope Arabella gets some relief from her arthritis, my dog Kady suffers too, I've tried omega oils (star flower oil and hemp oil), but haven't noticed much difference, poor love!

  3. Smart people--they know that Arabella = ratings!

    So sorry to hear about her arthritis woes, though. As one who has to deal with it myself from time to time, it is not fun. I've heard that the glucosamine that people take for joint problems also works well for some animals, although I don't know the dosages. I cannot take it myself because it is made from shellfish (I'm allergic), but perhaps it might work for Miss Arabella?

  4. thanks Kim! BUAV are super!
    I had given Arabella serrapeptase but she became very ill on it and intolerant, so she doesn't get in any more.
    Would that help Kady I wonder? there was no documentation for rabbits ever taking it, only dogs, cats, horses and humans.

    Jade you are right!
    I'm sorry you get arthritis too! blasted nuisance it is!
    Arabella had been on glucosamine, her homeopathic vet prescribed it, but she wasn't too well taking it either. Same symptoms as the serrap. So I'm hoping the myristol will work, mind you one of the 4 ingredients is glucosamine. I had no idea it was from shellfish.

    She is also on daily Traumeel - the homeopathic pain killer and it has made a big difference to her. I buy it from Jan de Vries outlets here in Edinburgh

  5. The write is well deserved, and who could resist the gorgeous Arabella? So sorry to hear about her issues with arthritis, my Coco deals with it as well although not as severe I think. Would love to hear about what you find that works with Arabella, the only homopathic I noticed a difference with my Coco was bing cherries. Of course she loves them anyway :) Hugs from Texas

    ps..we want to know when we get honored with a visit from the lovely Ms Rabbit?

  6. Woah - what a marathon of a blog post Annette! Fantastic to see Arabella & your Bun Blog Pledge featured in BUAV's newsletter. It's such a fun & original idea & Max, Molly & I loved being part of it ;-) You sure do take good care of those buns of yours - I think you must be the most caring bunny Mum in the UK at least! Sounds like Arabella & Max are in the same sort of boat - he has to take it easy(er) these days coz of his arthritis too. Not appropriate for rabbits, I know, but we feed him a fish-based diet so that he gets all the oils he needs to help his joints & also supplement it with glucosamine & chondroitin tablets (which he thinks are sweeties!) for a further wee boost. I don't know if they do any good, but they don't do any harm & he seems happy & only rarely needs his anti-inflammatory pain medication these days, I LOVE the picture of all your bunnies grouped together - hoping the exhibition goes well for you (& them!). Jx

  7. Darling Arabella I am glad you have such a wonderful mom that is always searching for answers for you. We too, have tried many things including Cosequin tablets and Adequan injections. It does nothing for Haven or Millie. ( I havent blogged about it but about 2 months ago Millie started dragging one of her back legs)
    I believe nature didnt design bunnies to live as long as our house bunnies are living and that is showing up as things like arthritis.
    Please give Arabella a nice head rub for me and let me know if you have success with the myristol pellets.

  8. Donna maybe these will work for Coco too? I've seen good changes in Arabella over the last few days on them. Will know a bigger picture in a week's time.
    Ms Rabbit will be Mandy and her buns, then I'll let her know you are ready to pamper Ms Rabbit next :)
    thank you!

    Jane you must be giving Max exactly what he is needing I reckon. Rabbits can't break down certain oils, they lack a particular enzyme, so flax seed oil and other oils have to be given with this enzyme (I did that many years ago with Zai when he took flax seed oil daily). It's all trial and error and listening to your furries!

    Christina I know you search for answers too! All furry caring mamas do! This myristol is making good changes for Arabella so maybe Millie will show a difference for the better too?
    I know some folks who have rabbits all over 10 and going very well. But I believe that it depends on the parentage and background of the rabbits. So many have been abused and misbred.

  9. Annette, sounds like Arabella's arthritis is even worse than Weasley's. Do you know what the other active ingredients in the Myristol are? We may try it, if it doesn't interfere with his eye meds.

    One of the vets in our office recently completed acupuncture training, and they are asking if we want to try it on him. Have you any experience with this on rabbits?

  10. Karen I have emailed you with details and I'll do a blog post about this because it's made an incredible difference for Arabella.
    I've no experience of acupunture but I did speak to my clinic's acupuncturist about treatment a while ago.


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