Friday, 1 July 2011

Elegance and Fraoch choose their 'persons'

Here I am with Mama Hare Elegance and Baby Hare Fraoch - they are very excited and ready to see who will be their 'persons' - because as we all know - you don't choose the fur-person in your life - they choose you!

Many thanks for everyone's superb ideas about where to place my up-coming book in a book shop!
it has given me plenty of food for thought because I'm real crap at marketing my own stuff and can't see the wood for the squirrels and hares and ... er, ... well, you get the picture!

so, without further adoo ....
(ps - those tartan trews are for indoors only, here in Scotland, otherwise I may be mistaken for a tourist!! though when I lived in Australia I wore them everywhere!)

names were written on scrap Arabella print outs, and put into an a very old glass jar that once belonged to my grandmother!

Fraoch and Elegance insisted on choosing their humans - so to make it easier for them, they were happy to have a tiny patch of double sided sticky tape adhered to their furry noses (ow!)

Elegance was first ...

and very, very eager to get her nose into the jar!

I just had to give the paper rabbits a jumble first ...

and before you could sneeze - she was in and out!

and had her prize stuck on the end of her beautiful nose!

and it's Mandy! from Bijou's Whimsy!! yay!!

congrats Mandy! Elegance is chuffed as she knows you have 4 rescue buns for her to meet and play with!

and from nose to ear - Elegance has packed already and will be expecting much assistance in Mandy's garden this summer amongst the blooms!

little Fraoch is excited to get her turn!

She is so small that my mum kindly lent a helping hand and tipped her into the melee!

and she finds her prize in no time at all and gets it stuck real good there!

and it's Val! from etsy shop Pillowville!! yay!!

congrats Val! Fraoch will be more than pleased to road test, er, couch test your etsy pillows! (or as we say here in Scotland - cushions :)

and from nose to ear ...

Fraoch is already packed and she has some new ideas about pillow colours and maybe even words on them, being the talker that she is! plus she'll be telling you about her name too, mind!

so many, many thanks to everyone who entered!

my idea for my book cover is over a year old (I'm a bit slow with some things!) and I rather like a small size book, but I'm open minded really and will readily adapt to the market (when I get there!)
and that's me in my stepping-out trews, a nice meadow plaid colour. No tourist 'tartan smiles' for me :)

Mandy and Val, I shall have these hares in the post pronto! considering they both actually packed their bags a few weeks ago!

and now I'm busily working on my book! watch this page .....

thanks so much to everyone!
that was fun!

.... and, er, those tartan trews once more :)


  1. Good luck with the book writing. I'm just getting ready to print one myself (I won't say how long I've been working on it lol). I've done one before though and it's great fun learning all the new skills even if it's a bit daunting to have to do everything yourself.

  2. Congrats to Mandy and Val!

  3. Congrat's to the gals for winning and congrats to you on the book! I shall want an autographed copy!
    xx, shell

  4. Congratulations to Mandy and Elegance!! And thank you, thank you Annette and Fraoch!! I cannot wait to meet the sweet little hare. I hope she will be happy here in the midwest with my 3 boys (2 small and one childish hubs), 17 year old cat and 7 month old hamster. We also have many bunnies and hare who hop through the yard each day so she will no doubt make many friends quickly. Annette we'll send pictures so you two can stay in touch. And how lucky am I that she is a creative little fluff too. I can't wait to hear her inspirations.

    Now the exciting book news: no added pressure, but rest assured there are many adoring fans of your charming hares and their histories that are quite looking forward to getting their hands on your book. I'll be keeping a nest egg in paypal for the big day!! I hope it's sooner than later!!!

    Thanks again and best wishes for fun and exciting things! xoxo, Val

    I can't believe I won the most beautiful Elegance....OH WOW....I am soooo excited. Thank you Annette thank you thank you thank you:D XXOO. Now I'll be running to my post box anxiously every single day till she arrives:D My buns will no doubt be happy to have her in the brood:D

    p.s. Annette I am mailing your package tommorow.

    XO Mandy

  6. Tamsin that sounds super! best wishes :)

    thanks Lisa - and for taking part too!

    Shell I think all copies will be autographed :)

    thank you so much Val!! and congrats!!

    super stuff Mandy - wishes do come true :)


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