Saturday, 30 July 2011

Bedside Tales ...

I'm not the fastest of readers - infact I may well be one of the slowest readers ever,
as just the other day I finally finished reading my xmas present book - John Le carre's Our Kind of Traitor

I've been fan of Mr le Carre for as long as I can remember and I have quite a few of his books in hardback.

I like my dustjackets off! infact they get ripped up and stuck into my scrap books - such is their attractive artwork. I've always preferred to look at my books jackets free! I like the texture of the cloth covers.

and I like to save new words, expressions and quips when I read a book, so I tab over the bottom corner and when I finish the book I make a note of the ones I have gathered. (it only occurred to me to use my camera the other day! duh!)

Our Kind of Traitor was a good read - Mr le Carrre never disappoints! and I noticed a few cutesy animal related quips! so nice to have something so cute from one so serious I think.

I won't say what I felt after finishing the book - because that would give the whole book away! and I don't like spoiling endings, but suffice to say that if you love subterfuge then you will not be disappointed.

this quote has to be one of my favourites from the book. Nippy pilots! how very fitting and descriptive!

In Scotland I've heard the word nippy used in a couple of different ways - for weather it means frosty with a bite in the air, as in - 'och, it's awfy nippy out there today'
and with a person's character it can mean that they are both picky and snappy - at the same time - now isn't that an image to hold only once in your head! (obviously someone is not having a good day!)

so just now I am reading Battlecruiser by Douglas Reeman, another one of my favourite authors.

I absolutely adore sea stories, especially World War II sea stories! and whilst I get as green as a frog and sick as a dog if I even look at a boat, or any sort of sea going vessel, my fascination for these stories is insatiable.

Mr Reeman is ex-Navy and Mr le Carre is ex-British Intelligence, so these authors know their subjects well.

I love my paperbacks to be affordable and appreciated, so that means I will gladly pay 50p ($1) for a book that has been read before.
About a year ago my dad gave me a pile of about 10 paperbacks by Mr Reeman! I am slowly working my way thru them. It's good if your family and friends know your book taste because they can collect on your behalf, and vice versa.

I have plenty of bookmarks here, but I have yet to become so organised that a bookmark will appear by a newly started book! So I tab the pages until one manages to stop by, er, sometimes a few weeks later!
Love my Esme rabbit book mark! by my talented artist friend Pey from etsy shop Peylu

When I sell an item from my etsy shop, even a single $4 card, I package it all up nicely and gift wrap it, and put in my own complimentary 'book mark'

because if you are anything like me, you cannot ever have too many bookmarks!

I use my spare scrap images from my handmade cards and turn them into something for you to keep.
I add a brad, usually a heart shaped one, and some string or thread or long fibre thingy as a tail, so it will hold the place in your tale .....

and isn't it so much nicer than tabbing the pages?

these bookmarks, or what-evers you use them for, are as 'gift with purchase' only from my etsy shop.

Doesn't that sound like a good marketing ploy? I've heard that one before :)
(though I'm the type of bower bird who will buy something just to get the 'free' item with it!)

next up on my reading list will be Cyclops by Clive Cussler.

I've never read him before, or had even heard of him infact! as a friend introduced me to him, and I must admit, I had started to read this book a few months ago and it was all so very exciting but after a chapter I decided to finish my le Carre instead, and then I caught the first ship out with Reeman! so Cussler's Cyclops with the macho and rather irresistible Dirk Pitt is now in-waiting on my bedside table safely under my rabbit.

Hopefully I won't be taking 7 months to finish it this time!

and talking about tales -

well, these little youngsters are nearly out of the nest -

they just need their er, tails and tales :)

happy reading!


  1. Oo I love those quotes. Nippy pilots indeed!

    Off to have a looksie in your shop, my new tidy desk keeps getting a bit messy and I'm thinking I need a companion to help keep in under control! A squirrel perhaps?

  2. I love your bookmarks! New baby hares look quite lovely and I can't wait to read their stories.

  3. I thought you might like them Christabel :)
    and many thanks! squirrel is delighted :)

    thanks Lisa! so glad that Sogna is well :)

  4. Love the bunny bookmarks and the lovely bun who is safeguarding your books for you. Can't wait to read the stories the baby hares have to tell. :)


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