Sunday, 24 July 2011

... c'mon! get with it! you Scot, er, Aussie, er, Brit ...

Who am I?
I'm a Scot, an Aussie and I suppose a Brit (because I'm not so nationalistic a Scot now that I live in the homeland - .... but if I was back in Australia I would probably be more Scottish than ever ~ as is the way ~ )

Anyway - I'm also ex-Australian Army, (Intelligence Corps), and I have resisted social media and posting my photo online for years and years. My identity was purely as my etsy shop - 'Dragon House of Yuen' and never as a 'human'
..... until now....

and so this morning when I sat down with my earl grey and saw that I had a new Twitter follower - BritUS, I checked out their tweets - as one does - and saw this GREAT video above! (thanks BritUS!)
It has the best ever military footage I've seen for a long while!

Well - in my last post I mentioned the excitement of seeing swans fly over, so it was just as exciting to see bigger metal 'swans' in the form of military hardware, in action in this video!
(and - Concorde in flight!! - did you know that concord lives just down the road from me in the Museum of Flight?!)

Plus the song is groovy and a great take on the Brit anthem - and hey! who doesn't love being a Brit? and proud of our soldiers??!

So now you know -
I Tweet,
I blog,
I etsy,

and when my friend Jane from etsy shop The Dog House came round to visit me and the buns the other day and we discussed social media sites - I finally relented and succumbed to the No-1 outlet - FB!

so, I, er, also FB
.... but it is as my shop Dragon House of Yuen, and not me as a human ...

It was great to see Jane again and she brought delicious edible gifts! Cupcakes for me and a carrot for Arabella and Wes - thank you Jane!

As soon as I placed her carrot cupcakes on my plate the reindeer raced over for a bite! uttering something about lichen being over-rated ...

Jane made these absolutely delicious vegan cupcakes! and I was in heaven. They were the best carrot cakes I have ever tasted in my life - and I have tasted Alot! of carrot cakes!
(though I did have to fend the reindeer off, they were pretty nifty in their nibbles!)

Jane has 2 rescued greyhounds of her own - Max and Molly, and she is also fostering another lithe runner called Poppy.
Well, I've been lucky to have met and kissed Max and Molly! and like the reindeer - they love their nibbles too!

plus I am the proud owner of Jane's work as well! (I have this gorgeous tricks for treats bag)
Here is Max inspecting Jane's work to make sure it's all A OK.

and here is Poppy (and boyfriend :) - doing what greyhounds do best - er, no, not running! - relaxin'! :)

Every month I write a post on 'real studio managers' for the In the Making etsy team I am on, and this month it is all about Max, Molly and Poppy - Jane's real managers ... enjoy the read :)

'hey! what's all this about facebook?? I want to know!

... perhaps I can be your face person, er, bun, - here's my best shot !'

Wesley - you could indeed be my face bun :)

'ahem! Ms Tait - I happen to be your facebooker face with my bags, and your etsy shop face and blog face and .... - Wes will have to wait for another social media outlet to hit the big time ...'

ofcourse Arabella! there will be something for everyone, em, I mean ....everybun ...

so the cat is out of the bag!
I have joined FB. I just have to get the hang of it and that could take, er, a few months ...

and just incase you wonder what cat's do when humans aren't watching - such as, er, barking!?!
then check out this very funny YouTube video.

(It came on after the Anton Lorien Brit video, and I was in stitches :)

I rather like this pic of me, and when I get my book published I will probably use it for the jacket sleeve pic, as all authors do, a nice little 'serious' black and white of the author ...

.... and back to the question, who am I? well, er, today I'm a Brit! thanks Anton Lorien - keep up the good work for the troops!


  1. Looking at those carrot cupcakes make my mouth water...I brewed fresh coffee and want something a little sweet ;-)

    You will love Facebook (I think) I always hesitated on going on there and now I'm neglecting my blog because of it.

    What I like about FB is that it's so totally easy and interactive - plus it has that "Notes" feature that can serve as sort of a blog as well..

    The bunny photos are sweet - and yes, they can have a page on FB too - I actually made a page for Gizzy (I know, I'm nuts) but many other animal lovers made one for their animals, so I'm not alone in this silliness...I sent you a friends request!

    Wishing you a good rest of the Sunday and a great week ahead!

  2. hey Doris - so many helpful hints! thanks so much!
    at the moment it's a blur :)
    but I do like my blogging - I like writing, but with pictures, so this is a good medium for me,
    shall see how fb goes :)
    and thanks for the request!

  3. And of course I have to stalk you on FB and Twitter now. :)

    Mr. Mick gets to be my FB profile pic once in a while, but he chooses Bunspace for his social outlet. He is content to let me do most of the blogging for now, although he does occasionally insist on posting for himself.

    Dear sweet Arabella, you are always a welcome sight, but please let Wesley have the FB page; after all, you don't want to end up suffering from overexposure, and we do enjoy seeing his sweet face as much as we do yours.

  4. ha ha Jade :)
    so much to do ... all this social stuff ... :)

    glad Mr Mick has it all sorted out!

    and er, Arabella has put her furred foot down - she is not relenting! Wes will have to wait she has barked! :)

  5. We are going to friend you on facebook. Please tell Arabella and Wes they can be my facebook friends too!

  6. I'm a little embarrassed you posted pics of my feeble-looking cupcakes on your blog Annette, but glad you liked them all the same (& Wesley & Arabella their carrot)! Was lovely seeing you the other night & glad that you have decided to give Facebook a shot - hope to see more of you & the buns over there ;-) That black & white photo of you is gorgeous by the way! Jx

  7. many thanks Christina! it's still all a blur to me :)

    Jane - those cupcakes are totally amazing! there is nothing feeble about them and put to shame every other carrot cake I have ever consumed :)
    you can always sell them in your etsy shop :)
    I'm struggling with fb - ha ha! so many 'things' all over the place!
    and thanks for the very flattering compliment :)

  8. Annette, Arabella is always beautiful, of course. But that picture of Wesley? It's just too much. Love it!

  9. Karen I think Wesley may be in for a bit of a chance! will have to discuss with Arabella ... :)


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