Sunday, 17 July 2011

A Squadron of Swans!

I love swans and I love porcelain so when they are combined I become rather excited!

I have a little swannery infact, in my kitchen display cabinet -

and just recently added a new couple to my Squadron!

Isn't this such an amazing cup?! My earl grey will never have tasted better that's for sure!
It came all the way from America and they managed to fly across the Atlantic in just over 7 days. Now that's good going for swans, because the Atlantic can be quite turbulent at times.
They were awfully hungry when they flew in ofcourse, so grains were scattered .....

and since swans mate for life they will be very happy living here.

Did you know that there are at least 26 Collective Nouns for swans!! So I had a good selection for this post's title.
And I'm wondering how impressive it would be to see a whole squadron of swans fly over!

Last year I was lucky enough to see a pair of swans fly over me as I drove along an empty road on a cold winter's day by Dirleton Castle in East Lothian. They were so big, I could hear their wings cutting thru the icy air and they were calling to each other. I got goosebumps! or should I say swanbumps? it really was enchanting and a privilege to see.

I got this swan cup not that long ago. Very romantic and elegant! This was my first swan vessel to alight here in my home, and I wondered whether she may not be a bit lonesome amongst all my hares?

but like all good love stories, her partner came into her life, unexpectedly one day, and now they sit side by side in my cabinet, or, er, wing by wing ...

I really couldn't believe it when I chanced up this 'sugar box' in a thift shop.
So, since I don't use sugar, but I love my loose leaf, he now holds my earl grey and I take a pinch for every cup of tea!

because it takes a while to go thru the tea faffing procedure here, my cuppa sure does taste all that nicer! there is so much truth in the Japanese tea ceremony where the bowl of tea is prepared from one's heart - it happens here!

I have always loved swans, they are beautiful, majestic birds

a while ago I made little swans for my etsy shop and Odette is still there - Baby Swan Odette -

When Odette first poked her head out of the egg she ended up with a fluffy soft downy feather stuck to her beak. It was there for quite a few hours as she gathered her bearings in this shell free world and she became rather attached to it. When mama plucked it off there were small squeals of protest, so it was promptly put back on. Ever since then Odette has been collecting feathers. But not just any type of feathers mind. She prefers the beautiful downy ones, but occasionally she will go for a slim line wing feather or a shed tail one. She finds lots of feathers by the pond’s edge as most of the birds do their preening down there where they get a good view of themselves. How can one preen if not in front of a mirror? So during preening hours the babies must splash at the other side of the pond so as not to disturb the still mirror surface of the water. Odette, ofcourse, is just not interested in playing and instead she pretends to preen too, but she’s really keeping an eye out for those wayward fluffy feathers!

Odette is looking forward to making her herself at home on your side table, or coffee table if you prefer. She will have her collection with her, and has managed to stuff them elegantly into a simple nest construction, so just make sure there are no breezes nearby, nor cats either thanks! She would love the French doors open every day too so that she can make her way down to the preener’s edge of the pond. You are welcome to come along as well, but mind, no dipping your toes into the water lest you cause ripples, and that won’t just be ripples on the water! plus you’ll have to think about doing some type of pretend preening too, simply can’t have you just sitting there, staring!

One of the collective nouns was 'tank of swans'! I wonder under what context that noun would be used? I googled it but couldn't find anything, not even relating to WWII. How intriguing!

Ofcourse I can visualize a squadron easily, and a 'whiteness' and a 'wedge' and a 'royal', so perhaps a 'tank' could be swans on the ground with cygnets, about to charge an invader?

Swans are very protective of their babies and they are one of the biggest and heaviest flying birds in the world, weighing at least 18kg, sometimes more, (behind the bustards), so they are very formidable!

..... indeed very like a tank! ......

~ happy tea drinking ~


  1. Ooooh, what pretty pieces! Lovely stuff always makes the tea taste better (and I do love my earl grey as well). :)

  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful swan collection. They are amazing birds, and I am very envious of your squadron.

    A tank of swans sounds quite intriguing. I'd love to know how that phrase came about!

    - Christabel :)

  3. Swans are just beautiful. There is an old blooper video of a fisherman getting his butt whipped by a big momma swan. She scares him so bad he trips and falls in the lake and she beats him up some more. He never tried to hurt her back. :-)

  4. yes Jade, you summed it up nicely :)

    if you ever find out Christabel, do let me know :)

    I've not seen that one Christina!

  5. Loving the mug with the two swan heads...

  6. it is very unusual eh? Mandy!
    glad i saw it on etsy! gotta love etsy!


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