Saturday, 6 August 2011

the simple things in life

this is my new baby hare Forever

he adores the stars with their twinkles and sparkles ~ and so do I

and when life gets in a little bit of a disarray then it's nice to keep things in perspective ~ so just follow the images below if you have ... 'been having one of those days....'

note Earth

and, er, Earth again

and eh, foh-geh-dah-bout Earth - note the Sun

er, still see the Sun?

so, like I said, nice to keep things in perspective eh?

and don't sweat the small stuff :)

Forever loves twinkles and sparkles and he has been lucky to see them in the night's sky and mama's eyes!

Forever was born on the coldest of starry nights and when he opened his eyes and saw the sparkles in the darkness he was transfixed! Infact it took a few minutes for him to stop looking at the stars and look at mama and when he did he could see the twinkling stars reflected in her big brown eyes and he immediately fell in love with her! She kissed him gently on his tiny nose and hugged him.
Every night since Forever has waited excitedly for the dusk to fall and the first stars to twinkle. He spends quite a few hours gazing up and taking all this beauty in. Usually he sleeps in a little at breakfast time but mama doesn’t mind because these celestial wonders must be appreciated and sometimes even the simplest things in life, like enjoying the twinkling are forgotten in our pursuit of life and happiness. So mama lets him gaze at the stars as often as he wants.
Forever knows that the other babies don’t get to stay up as late as him and he’s very grateful to mama. He has seen falling stars and shooting stars and new stars being born and old stars dying, infact if you would like to know about what stars get up to at night time then just ask him. He can tell you lots of secrets! And on cloudy nights when the stars need to recuperate from their night time shows then Forever is busy writing away in his journal everything he can remember about them.
And during the day he spends a lot of time looking for the stars in the other baby hare eyes, as he has discovered that everyone has a night time star living in their eye, he just has to catch it’s twinkle when they are looking at him!

Forever is looking forward to making himself cosy on your armchair, with a view to the night’s sky ofcourse! He would also love the window open so that he can go out at breakfast time, well a late breakfast time, to visit mama and the other babies.

He is very excited about watching the stars from your place and you are welcome to watch them with him too! mind though, no complaining if you get a sore neck from all the looking up for hours on end. And it is a patient pursuit as well, so if you don’t see a shooting star in the first week or month, then please don’t get miffed. They are pretty rare, you just have to keep your eyes open and make sure you don’t blink too often either because they don’t last very long and you could miss one that way too! plus during the day Forever will be gazing into your eyes to discover the stars in them – even humans have them too!

When I was holding young Forever today for his etsy photo shoot he suddenly looked up at me and said that he can see quite a few stars sparkling in my eyes!
so I gave him a hug and said that perhaps some of the galaxy had been visiting me? and that infact I could see rather a few stars in his eyes too - not just one! and on hearing that he gave me a big smile and his eyes sparkled some more!

- nice to keep life simple eh?
smiles and hugs :) xoxo :)


  1. A little bit of perspective can be a lovely thing, as can a baby hare with stars in his eyes. :)

  2. Here's wishing the celestial Forever a magical life !

  3. What an enchanting little fellow! I love his 'coat'. What an eye-opener to see how tiny our planet is!

  4. Wow. thanks for the perspective! Little forever is so sweet!

  5. indeed Jade :)

    yes Pey!

    I was a little shocked to Julia :)

    now I try not to sweat the small stuff Lisa! and I try to remember that it's all small stuff :)

  6. A beautiful hare with a beautiful story Annette! I don't suppose Forever managed to catch Brian Cox's recent series on the BBC? I think he would have especially enjoyed this episode: (We are all made of stars). Jx

  7. well Jane we are TV-less here :)
    but shall follow up your link! many thanks :)


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