Thursday, 18 August 2011

so, er, like i said before .....

Baby Hare Sprig was mighty pleased that people have been listening in to her story over at my AudioBoo page!

She scampered over to tell Arabella who was dining on some treats

Yeah! I know! exclaimed Arabella - I only heard her read the story about 10 times before she was happy with the way it sounded!

Sprig thought it would have been simple enough to read it just the once?
... then she spied the tasty treats Arabella was gobbling and was about to ....

latch her incisors around one when they both heard a commotion ......

the squirrels that had been tail-less and tale-less were now tailed and taled and making their way into my etsy shop

cripes! then they saw the 'tails' at the back of my computer thingy and scampered incase I put 'labels' on them

I moved the 'thingy' the other week (is it called a tower?) and my gosh! there were a thousand cables here, there and everywhere all streaming from the back.
I became slightly faint just looking at it all! and a little nauseous!

And as in all hardware relocation projects there is always a huge reorganisation of these electrical snakes, so being hardware-technically-challenged I very labouriously tagged and marked every spot. Plus the computer was still plugged in so it was not as if I could just pull cables out and stick them in later and hope that it would all work fine and dandy.
Anyway, about a few hours later, I had neatly coiled and sorted snakes and a marked spot for every thingy that stuck in somewhere at the back.
Goodness help me when I have to update my external removable memory drive thingy (they're all thingys to me :) and look where to put that!
Always makes my heart flutter ..... and yes, I have been found trying to jam a circle pin into a square slot :)


  1. lol - hearing about your 'thingies' & 'snakes' makes me smile Annette. I am pretty clueless about all that stuff too ;-) I must head over to Audioboo & take a listen...

  2. yeah Jane, it's been the bane of my life - all these electrical snakes and hardware thingys :)

  3. Such a dreadful bunch of tangled mess. Makes my head hurt every time I have to deal with them. Now off to take a listen.
    xx, shell

  4. A delightful tale! Of course, it was fun for me to hear your beautiful accent! :)
    xx, shell

  5. Annette- Arabella looks too cute! :)


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