Tuesday, 9 August 2011

never too early ...

to welcome winter squirrel babies!

with beautiful does and snow on their sides

or handsome stags and sparkly golden eyes

or ospreys hunting for fish in the lochs below

and since I don't do trends - ever - then I have decided to skip the palaver of Autumnal madness that is sweeping the merchandising in (online and 'real') stores at the moment and go straight for Winter - why the hell not?!

er .... could just be me who thinks like this eh??
after all - wasn't it just Christmas in July last month??!


  1. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh--no "w" word! I still haven't gotten over last year's deluge of white stuff. :(

    The babies are adorable, though. :)

  2. Winter is the longest season anyway (at least I think it is, if you measure by climate and not by equinox/solstice). Welcome baby squirrels!

  3. ha ha Jade!! thought I would throw a spanner in the marketing works :)

    in that case Lisa then Scotland is in a perpetual state of winter-semi-winter! och ... :)


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