Thursday, 27 October 2011

in the arms of a Norway Maple

amongst the golden autumn leaves

on a lightly wooded brae

with a trickling stream below

imposing mountains protecting the glen

with fields of sheep eating turnips

and wild rabbits, partridge, pheasants and redwings

surrounded by sunlight, friends, food and beauty

in the eternal fields of Folkvangr and Valhalla

lies my sleeping beauty Arabella

who fought hard

and long

to enjoy her time

on earth

never taking no for an answer

constantly demanding
only the best,


(- never, ever, EVER serve fake carrots to a rabbit - not even in a game :)

my princess set the rules

and played the game her way

we were both winners :)

always in my heart, Arabella, always in my heart

I will love you forever xxx


  1. Dearest Arabella,

    May you move freely in the Summerlands without hindrance or pain.

    Annette I know your heart is breaking right now. I am thinking of you and remembering the beautiful Arabella today.

  2. Lucky girl, Arabella - you had a beautiful life here and you have so many friends to play with at the Bridge. Love and good wishes will surround you always.

  3. a beautiful rabbit girl, Arabella made her mark in so many ways, love to her family <3

  4. oh I'm so sorry Annette, Arabella was adorable and I know how much you'll miss her. Anya will look for her over the Rainbow Bridge...

  5. Oh dear, so very sorry to hear that Arabella has left us; a bold and bright a girlie as she will make for the brightest of stars on the darkest of nights. Mick and I send her many loving thoughts and good wishes as she makes her way over the bridge to new adventures. For you and Wesley, there are many loving thoughts and prayers as well, along with nose bonks and bunny kisses galore. Hugs and much love from us both.

  6. I share your tears Annette. Sending you light and love. Such a beautiful girl she was. We are so very blessed to share our lives with these incredible little creatures.
    Love and friends, shell, harrington and hannah

  7. Run free sweet Arabella. Your time on this earth touched many lives and we will miss your beautiful spirit.
    Many hugs, Donna and the buns

  8. Oh, Annette! I am so, so sorry. This is a wondeful tribute. Arabella was a beautiful girl, and special in so many ways. I hope crossing the bridge has eased her pains, and that she is kicking back with Ginny, and Sugie, and all the other special buns who have gone before her. Hugs to you and Wesley.

  9. So sorry for your loss, my thoughts are with you x

  10. Sigh, what sad news, I feel for you Annette. This is a beautiful memorial of a beautiful bunny xx

  11. maybe she should could be friends with my puggie Frankie who passed away on Tuesday. He was a very gentlemanly pug and was friends with horses, cats, chickens, and loved by all who met him. So sorry about your loss.

  12. Annette - i've been so touched by the stories you share of Arabella. Our pain in loosing such a friend simply shows us the depth of love we shared. You gave her a wonderful life and now she's moved on to the next one.
    My thoughts are with you,

    J xx

  13. Annette, I am so, so sorry for your loss. Arabella was such a special girl, with so much personality that we could sense it from all the way across the Atlantic. I know that she loved you and you were lucky to have each other. At least she will know no more pain.

    Our hearts are breaking for you right now, and our thoughts are remembering Miss Arabella.

    Lisa, Biff and Sogna <3

    PS. I'm sorry for the delay in posting. I've been having techincal difficulty.

  14. Im sorry. So sad for a rabbit with a beautiful name that I loved. I know how you must be feeling her loss. So sorry.

  15. A beautiful tribute to your Arabella. You gave her a wonderful life. Max, Molly & I send hugs to you & Wesley. xxx

  16. Annette, my thoughts are with you. Arabella will always be in your heart, and the hearts of everyone whose lives she touched.

    With much love from Christabel and Harry xo

  17. Oh Annette I am so so sorry to hear the news. Arabella was a lovely rabbit and was so so so lucky to be with you. You made her time here on earth better than many rabbits can ever dream. May love heal your heart. We are sending love and prayers your way. Love from all of us- Jen, Lola, Domino and Max <3

  18. Annette,

    Usually your blog posts make me smile...this one brought me to tears. She will live in your work and heart forever.


  19. Annette ~ I'm so sorry your beautiful Arabella is gone. :( So many of our friends have lost their bunnies lately, it breaks my heart. She left quite a legacy, never to be forgotten.

  20. Oh Annette...I am so so sorry. She will always be remembered. We are sending you a hug dear soul and our hearts are with you.

  21. I have only just read this Annette. My heart fell and I am so very very sorry. But what a beautiful, moving post. Word and pictures. I truly hope I can create something as wonderful for Humphrey when his time comes. Dear Arabella. She was blessed, you were blessed - you are, as you say, both winners.
    x x x x


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