Sunday, 16 October 2011

the smallest hearts cause the

biggest worries .....

a few nights ago my little prince, Wesley, decided that he wanted to join in the action on the other side, (... me and Arabella sitting in silence in the living room ... )

so he jumped the baby gate, and unknown to me, broke an incisor.
(infact after he attacked and bit and shook the bars, he very precariously clambered up the wooden gate to wobble and sway on the top before I managed to grab him in shock!!)

A day of no eating and glum face and incessant crying I then realised in horror the broken tooth and rushed him to Margot my brilliant homeopathic vet.
One emergency stop later (thank you SO MUCH Margot :) and he had 2 tiny stubs of lower incisors, a shot of pain killer and a serious case of attention seeking.

My tiny fluff ball cried for a whole night and I had to take him into bed with me in the very early morning to calm him down and he finally got his first sleep of 2 full hours in 2 days and stopped his crying.
Wesley is the most vocal rabbit I have ever known and he makes noises for all occasions. So his plaintive cries were heart rendering! I was also exhausted and managed a total of 2 hours sleep as well.

Today he has finally stopped making the cries, but when I was patting him he started up again :)
Sweet eh? Just like a man! No noises of pain until you give them some attention then all their troubles pour out.

and in the other hand, or palm, my dearest princess, Arabella has not eaten for a whole day - the second time in a week!

She had double her treats strewn all over the floor - purple grapes, raisins, organic oatcake chunks, Braeburn apple slices, dried carrot pieces, .... and not a single bite of any of them *sigh*

my heart was heavy.

then the sun came out and she moved from under her table to the little stool and for the first time in 30 hours she ate a single strand of greens!

Arabella has had off days every single year I have had her, where she has eaten nothing for over 24hrs, so I know not to panic, and I don't, and within a day she is eating like a horse again.
However, my sweetheart has spondylosis and it's not curable, and she has had 3 operations to remove mammary tumours in the last year (the bastards keep coming back), and she has a large bone growth under her lower incisors ....

so, we take every day as a blessing, and one day she will decide when she leaves earth.
She has been thru so many operations, put up with so much, and I have decided that she can eat all she wants of whatever she wants, including my rich tea biscuits, until when ever ...

so until then, her Scottish Deeside bottled water has traumeel in it, and Rescue Remedy and she has shredded greens on tap :)


  1. Difficult days and nights we send you lots of love.

  2. Sending much love and kisses to Wesley and Arabella.

  3. Sending lots of love and healing to you, darling Wesley and the beautiful Arabella.

  4. thank you Diana, Christina and Donna :)

    the buns like me keep me on my toes!

  5. Oh Annette, this pulls my heart strings. I hope things improve soon for both of your darlings (all three of you) very quickly.

  6. Oh dear, poor sweet Wesley and poor dear Arabella--and poor exhausted you for dealing with all of it at once. Mr. Mick and I will be thinking many good thoughts for a quick recovery for all of you.

    (Mick and Wesley are definitely two peas in a pod--Mick isn't as vocal, but he does know how to milk as much sympathy (and treats) out of me as he can when he's been ill or in discomfort.)

  7. Annette, Weasley and I are sending love and prayers your way. I hope Wesley is recovering, and that Arabella is feeling OK. These little ones are such heartbreakers....

  8. Sending much love and healing thoughts to you all.

  9. Oh those poor little babies. I hope they are both doing better. Sending lots of light and love your way.

  10. Hope he is feeling better Annette! Gosh what a week for you! :(


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