Thursday, 6 October 2011

Untameable . Inconsolable

the untameable - Bucephalus the baby hare ...

Bucephalus is an untameable little baby and has caused havoc in the playgroup. Infact he has been so obtuse to the other babies that he has been banned from playing with them during the unsupervised break times. Not that that mattered to Bucephalus ofcourse as he merely looked for something else to occupy his time with, such as nibbling the edges of all the text books or chewing the lead tops off the pencils or gnawing holes in the classroom vases. And he wasn’t just a problem at kindergarten, he was rather a pawful for his mama at home too. The other mamas had wondered about her parental abilities but it really wasn’t her fault at all, her leveret was just a tad over energetic and intelligent and he needed far more stimulation than any of the other babies put together. So mama had enrolled him in kinder early, but she was soon advised to get him extra tutoring lessons so that he could be placed in primary school as fast as possible because the sooner his brain is challenged the faster he will settle down. Or at least stop being so destructive, or creative, as his mama likes to say!
Well Bucephalus doesn’t mind the extra study but he does love being out exploring far more than studying. And because of his upsetting nature at kinder he hasn’t got any friends to play with. But that hasn’t put him off his adventures because he is just as happy in his own company. Infact he has attracted the attentions of some not so pleasant individuals, namely stoat and fox, and they have been watching him as he goes about his exploring. Though they are both a little afraid of him too because one day they saw him take on a huge dog who had been out walking in the woods with his owner, and Bucephalus had no fear what so ever of the enormous beast! Stoat and fox had watched open mouthed as Bucephalus and the dog had an altercation then the dog was seen to yelp then slink away with his tail between his legs. Stoat and fox are wondering if Bucephalus can teach them a few things infact and in return they will promise never to harm him. But ofcourse they are just joking because it would be the little hare doing the hurting and they all know that!

Bucephalus is looking forward to resting on your armchair by the window. Well, not really infact, and we all know that don’t we! He would much rather be outside doing something creative like help you get the garden shed repaired in time for winter, he’ll be in charge of the hammer ofcourse. You can hold the nails. And he’ll dig over the vegetable patches before the frost sets in. And ofcourse he will be in charge of the spade but being so small means that you’ll be doing the digging and he will supervise you. He promises not to be a hard task master. Oh! okay! he’s only joking, he will be a hard task master, no point trying to change the spots of a leopard eh? And no complaining, he has no ear for complainers!

inspired by the majestic statue of real life horse Bucephalus, here on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh

Bucephalus was the untameable horse of Alexander the Great - and only he could tame the equine!

So a rather fitting name for a wayward and over excitable baby hare!

and the Inconsolable - baby hare Fomalhaut

Ever night Fomalhaut spends the whole night wide, wide awake in the middle of the meadow. On the very cold evenings he wears the mittens that mama knitted for him as he gazes upwards and tries to spot her amongst all the sparkling stars. Mama2 said that his mama is up there and she will be shining down on Fomalhaut and watching over him from afar. Well, Fomalhaut never believed mama2 when she said all this to him those few weeks ago when she came across him crying his heart out one night, alone in the middle of the meadow, and took him home under her arm. It was a very cold night and the snow was falling gently, in spirals, like tiny dreams from the heavens. He had been standing beside mama enjoying the beauty when suddenly she had been snatched from his side. The other hares had heard the commotion and knew that fox had made off with an extra large meal and so one of the mamas went out to search for any babies left behind, and there he was, tiny Fomalhaut, shaking like a leaf under the star light in the middle of the meadow with snowflakes tumbling onto him. Mama2 held him tight to her and kissed his forehead and told him that everything would be alright and that his mama would be watching him from above from now on and that he had nothing to be scared about. But Fomalhaut cried and cried non stop until he had no more tears left. And now every night when all the other babies are fast asleep and the mothers are bedded down, he quietly makes his way to the spot in the meadow where he and mama were that evening and he stays there peering up at the twinkling jewels, wishing with all his heart for mama to come back to him. Mama2 watches from the edge of the meadow and after a little while she brings him back home. Her heart is heavy too because the year before she lost her own baby to a fox. And she can only say to Fomalhaut that time makes the pain softer but it never makes it vanish. Fomalhaut misses his mama so much but he is very glad he has mama2 to cuddle and fall asleep with. He’s hoping that she never turns into a star because he has seen so many stars up in the sky and is now a little worried about all the hares who have lost their mamas – there must be so many of them he thinks because some nights the sky is just like a huge sparkling blanket. And some nights he thinks he can see mama waving to him. Those are the best nights.

Fomalhaut is a little scared about coming to live with you. He wants to visit the meadow every evening and hopes that you will let him do that. You can even accompany him to the edge but he would like to stay at mama’s spot by himself please, he still needs time to pass before he can let go. You can keep an eye out for that fox infact and you may even meet mama2, as Fomalhaut knows that she watches him from the edge. He will still be going out on the rainy nights too and the frosty nights and the snowy nights, so make sure that you wear appropriate clothes because sometimes he is there for hours and hours. And no complaining either, he is very sensitive to complaints and can hear a tut tut from a mile off. One day he knows he will get over this, but it’s not today. He hopes you will understand.

Fomalhaut is probably the saddest story I have written but it is not without hope. All life has hope.

and I hope these little patterns above will have life soon! I just have to work a little harder ....

and these lives are nearly complete - just need a bit of filling and some soul! (eyes)

like my new hare pattern? tiny ornament hares with their ears back, racing in the wind

and these little souls now need names and to get a life :)

and who said hares could not have a bit of fluff here and there?

or tattiness about one's appearance?

or a little bit of vanity amongst the grass stalks?

well, baby squirrel Pepper wants to differ ...

... but then, a squirrel always would! squirrels are driven and particular, they have nuts to seek, gather and store all year round. Squirrels are always busy.
Have you ever seen a resting squirrel? (excepting those fat nut-filled little balls in your local park?)

but then again, his tail does look awfully nice and preened looking - who ever sees a squirrel attending to his tail for hours?

and mama hare Majestic shall be storied up very, very shortly!
As you can see Bucephalus was making work for her!

'rite then, lets get 2 work Annet! Iyll rite the storees and you chuse the names..'

- 'what do you meen I dont no how to spel?

... some peeple? think they no everyfing.... tut tut!'


  1. I love the tales you weave Annette.

    "One day he knows he will get over this, but it’s not today. He hopes you will understand."

    I do. :) It certainly is a story of hope.

    - Christabel

  2. Loved reading these stories Annette, even the sad one. & also meeting some of your latest creations - I think the racing hare one might be a new favourite ;-)

  3. thank you Christabel!
    it's nice that sentences can be taken away to be enjoyed :)

    thanks Jane! I shall have to weave an intricate tale for you :)


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