Saturday, 29 December 2012

all ears! Santa came Twice!!

this post is R* rated and not for those under 18 (18cm / 8")(*Racy)

right, now that I have the disclaimer out the way.....

this xmas Santa came not Once, but Twice!
and boy oh boy oh boy - what a lucky girl I was!!!

yeah! jeeez! I thought I heard you right, I hope you're not turning this post into something below the belt?
(and by the way, I am 19cm with ears up...)

well, I have been very well treated this xmas I must say!
Mr S stopped by and I got to rummage around in his well stocked sack, and the presents I pulled out were just delectable, and I was all smiles. 
I got everything I wanted and more - including my favourite Walnut Whips and choc Santas on a stick! yummmmmeeee!

(and I can't see no belt no-where, can you?)
(and being the night owl that I am, I can guarantee that Mr S does indeed look just like his photo above - *drool* check out his sack and diggin' that barb wire tat and sexy smile and ... *sigh*)

huh! watch it there! some drool just landed on my head!

and then yesterday another present tumbled out of Santa's sack!
Beautifully wrapped in soft paper was a white rabbit with pink ears, a dragon card and a small rabbit stamp.

all protected by a card wrapper that had been artfully edged by the sharp teeth of beautiful Amelia from The Qi Papers, the bun on the little stamp.

Right! says Wesley, you have had far too many treats this xmas, it has obviously gone to your head, so I shall be having that pink ears up white rabbit for myself! 
Just place her by my chamois thanks

and so, 
when the small king commands 
I obey!

and what the hell is this? i can't eat this, it's as hard as hell? I like my chews soft. You can have this thing Annette, no good to me

and besides, what rabbit goes about with one ear up, one ear down? 
where's the decisiveness in that? you're either up or down, in or out!

hmmmmph... too much xmas spirit around here

yes indeed, too much, far too much....

and what do you mean? 
all that rabbitness was a winter wishes gift from your good friend Christina of Rabid Tidbits in America? 

You mean that was never in Santa's sack after all? whew! that's a relief, cos his sack  looked kinda small to me....

yup, gotta agree with Wes on that one
...lookin' kinda small once all the yummy presents are out 

*sigh* just had to get another beautiful santa on - ain't they the best ever? 
if only these ones were in the shopping malls instead eh? ....stampede....!

gawd, still at it!
just you wait till Easter missus, I know what the real Easter bunny looks like..... and if you think santa is hot, then boy oh boy are you in for a lil' surprise!

- Thank you heaps Christina!! Wes and I totally love our rabbits, both ears up and one up one down :) xxx


  1. Silly you, you're not supposed to let Santa leave dressed like that--he might catch his death of cold. You should have kept him for a maybe until June...or July...;)

  2. ha ha Jade! it's been pretty warm in Scotland this winter, so no chance of that happening, and besides, my flat was pretty darn hot when santa came by :)

  3. I would really enjoy seeing this Santa under my tree.
    I am so glad you like the gifts Annette. All my blogging friends are so creative and unique, it's a pleasure to share such unique things with them. I treasure my beautiful prizes from you. Haven's little bedroll is always in my heart my friend. Wesley never fails to make me smile.

  4. Christina - this sexy santa has your address :) and being santa - well, he just loves to give and give and ....
    I love my presents! thank you, so happy! and every time I look at pink ears up I think of you and that makes me smile :) not to mention using that cute stamp!

  5. if that's what Scottish Santas look like I might have to immigrate....

  6. ha ha! Diana there are plenty to go around I am sure :)

  7. Oh my gosh! Santa is a hottie, but I cannot get over your adorable grumpy bun! ^o^

  8. :) indeed! real hot! and Wes is never as grumpy as I make him out to be (well, not all the time!)


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