Saturday, 21 February 2009

FREE Shipping for Baby Hares and 20% Donated to RNGP charity on Spay Day 24th Feb

Every year over 4 million animals in the USA alone are euthanased.
Because irresponsible pet owners let their pets breed then abandon them - rescues take them in - and can't find homes for them all - so they put them down.
This problem is not just in the USA - it is worldwide!

The Humane Society of the US are raising awareness about responsible pet care and the importance of spaying. February 24th is SPAY DAY

Members of the Etsy For Animals team are joining in to raise funds on that day - worldwide - to donate to their individual animal charities to help with the costs of spaying and highlighting it's importance.

I am offering FREE SHIPPING on all my Baby Hares in my etsy shop and DONATING 20% from each Baby Hare to the Rabbit and Guinea Pig Welfare rescue in Rugby, England, UK.
This is the rescue that I adopted Wesley, my white lop rabbit from. He was abandoned as a youngster, and found covered in blood and urine on a disused railway line. It has taken nearly two years for him to trust again because of the abuse and neglect that he suffered.

Please have a look at my little hares and see if a soft sculpture would fit perfectly into your life. Below are a few who wanted to say hi, and to thank you for your interest!

Star loves to sew and stitch all day. She collects pebbles, twigs and feathers to add into her creations. Soon she will start selling them all. Would you like to adopt her?
Ekaterina likes to tell happy stories to her best friend Ven the fawn. They play all day and snooze happily together. Does she melt your heart?
Kuro is already a fluent Japanese linguist and has had work experience already with the UN on their 'Small Mammals and Far Eastern Languages' programme. Is he the one for you?

Daisy is looking for her forever home. She just adores the wild flowers and rises very early to see then awaken. Is she the hare for you?

Other sellers participating are :-

please stop by their shops for some great deals and with funds going directly to the places that need it.

As animal care givers we all have the responsibility not to bring into this world little beings that will have a less than successful chance at a rich and full life. Please get your fur friend spayed.

Do not purchase animals from pet shops - they see animals as disposable, many of the animals are unwell and far too young to be sold and none of them will be spayed!!!!!

Please purchase pet foods and products from responsible stores / animal feed stores that do not sell animals.

and remember that if you are looking to enlarge your family please visit your local rescue centre to consider adopting one of their very deserving charges.
Many thanks !


  1. Wonderful creations, wonderful cause!!!! thanks for taking part in the Spay Day EFA Promo! ;0) Michele

  2. These are adorable! Looking forward to a wonderful Spay Day!

  3. Hop on over to all the great shops promoting Spay Day on Tuesday :)


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