Friday, 27 February 2009

Raffle Tickets Still Available for Arabella Bag

Arabella wants to say that...
the The Buckeye House Rabbit Society in Ohio, America, still have raffle tickets available to win the gorgeous Arabella Art-Accessory Rabbit Bag. Arabella asks that if you have not already done so, then please do purchase a raffle ticket or two. At only $1 each they are less than a bunch of organic carrots (99p here actually!).
Here is Wesley with Blue Star White Star before she left to cross the pond for America. Wesley was more interested in eating some grass but he gave her his blessings.

This is my original post on the donated bag with more pictures.

One of the points I made in that posting was never to walk past an animal in distress.

It is easy to say things and sometimes you never get the opportunity to 'do' things. However I did just that - I helped an animal in distress the other day!

As I was driving along a scenic sea road just East of Edinburgh in a rural location I saw something strange up ahead on the opposite side of the road. As I slowed down and drove past I was stunned to see a plastic carton on it's side - and protruding from inside was a standing furry grey body and curved, long bushy tail. It was a squirrel Having A Meal!!! in the middle of the road - and it can be a rather busy road too!

I immediately stopped the car, reversed quickly then put the hazard lights on, got out and rushed over (there were no cars). I said 'hey!' and the squirrel, completely oblivious to anything else, suddenly heard me and pulled it's head out from the yoghurt carton. Well, I have never seen anything so funny for a long time! - the squirrel looked up at me with a cirlce of light pink yoghurt stuck to the fur all around it's face, it was just covered in the stuff !- but as soon as it saw me it darted up and over the stone wall to safety, on it's side of the road.

I picked up the carton and tossed it over so that the squirrel could finish it's meal. It was obviously a very hungry squirrel to be eating in the middle of a main road. Unfortunately in Scotland, unlike in Australia where I grew up, people throw litter and rubbish from their cars all over the place and the verges are full of plastics and bags and wrappings, it's a real pity. I have never seen such disrespect for a country, and Scotland is a particularly beautiful country!

So I hope the squirrel got to finish it's meal!

I just want to add that I recycle every single, minute item that can be recycled - including staples!!! however, throwing the carton over the wall for the squirrel was the right move! (The carton will be there next week, licked clean and still able to be recycled). I then proceeded to cover the spattered yoghurt on the road with dirt so that no more hungry animals would be risking their lives.
How thankful I was to have saved the squirrel - as I was doing all this at least five cars passed by.

Thank you for considering buying a ticket (or two) for the raffle. Every single dollar will make a big difference to a small life.

and a HUGE thanks to the generous people who have already purchased a ticket!


  1. Awww what a great thing you did for that hungry little squirrel - he sure appreciates it! I hope you get many good things in return for your good deed, and I hope the raffle goes well too!

  2. thank you Meghann!
    I sure felt priviledged that day to be able to help the squirrel


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