Monday, 16 February 2009

Thank You for Helping the Australian Animal Bush Fire Survivors

I have gladly donated all proceeds from the sale of 2 handmade cards to help Wildlife Victoria in Australia help rescue, care for and feed the animals in these devestating fires.

This is a heartwarming photo of Sam, a female koala who received burns on her feet in these fires. She is being attended to by David Tree - truly a wonderful person to care for her. The picture is by Mark Pardew.
Also helping raise funds are two generous etsy sellers - Peylu and MarlaJDesigns. Other etsy sellers have also already kindly donated funds to Wildlife Victoria - thank you!

This print of Lily - a clay on canvas wonderfully textural work of art -by Pey from her shop peylu is donating all proceeds to help the Ausse animals. She has a large selection of beautiful work in her shop.

and Marla from MarlaJDesigns is donating the proceeds from the sale of this gorgeous fascinator to help the animals. Please visit her shop to see many more beautiful accessories

Sam is a female koala and was spotted by volunteer fire fighter David Tree. He pulled his truck over and made his way thru the burnt out bush to rescue her and give her water. There is a video of this encounter, made particularly poignant when she turns towards him and places one of her hands on his as she drinks from the water bottle.

Sam at the Southern Ash Wildlife Centre in Rawson, Victoria. Photo is by Rebecca Michael.

Another photo of Sam being treated by Colleen Wood at the shelter. The photo is by Rebecca Michael.

This is a possum with foot burns, thanksfully being treated. Photo supplied from the Healesville Sanctuary.

Help Animals in the Australian Bushfires by supporting Wildlife Victoria

Steve from there said
“We have at this stage lost 6 Wildlife Shelters to these devastating fires. We are doing what we can to get these shelters up and going as soon as we can.

Wildlife Victoria volunteers have already rescued 100s of animals from the fire grounds with more being saved every day, and taken into care.

We are also doing food drops for animals we can't find or reach.

One koala in care costs aound $400 per week and rehabilitation can take many months before the koala can be successfully released back to its natural habitat.

Your donation will make a huge difference to our capacity to get resources on the ground quickly and save as many animals' lives as humanly possible.”

I know many people who have already donated and want to thank them for being so generous in this time of need and sadness.
(If I have not credited any pictures properly then I apologise in advance and hope you don't mind them being used here)

Thank you also for taking the time to look at the Arabella Rabbit Bag I have donated to the The Buckeye House Rabbit Society to be raffled in their Spring Raffle. Tickets are only $1 and with paypal tickets for amounts of $10 with all proceeds going directly to the rabbits.

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  1. It is very sad when animals are hurt so badly by humans....


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