Friday, 19 June 2009

No Snoozing Here !

My grey hare "Its That Time Again!!! Happy Birthday" card is in an Etsy Storque Voting Poll -

Arabella was thinking of having a small snooze to contemplate the significance of this!!!

But she was immediately chastised by 60+ very small grey lagomorphs - and I thought that Priceless was pushy when he was in a vote poll!

The little hares have been working very, very hard to garner votes. They have been involved with my treasury making on etsy, the content of my correspondence on etsy, my postings on etsy forum threads .... the list (intervention) goes on .....

They have decided that every one of them should have at least 10 votes minimum. Well, I would like that to happen too! and unlike Priceless, they are not even going to mention what is behind them. Now if that contestant had to have 10 votes for each little thingy on it ..... then, oh! my goodness!!

The grey hare card is available in my etsy shop and they are all custom made. I would get the little furries to help with the cutting out of the new furries, but the scissors are too heavy for them to use and their teeth leave a jagged edge :)

Humphrey and Boggart, two beautiful rabbits waiting for their forever home at the Rabbit and Guinea Pig Welfare in Rugby, England, would like every one to consider voting for the card - and even better - perhaps buying a grey hare card so that they can get 10% from each sale.
Arabella seems to be making a familiar noise ..... 'zzzzz..'


  1. LOL, oh I would love to rub that little bunny belly :)
    I voted for you btw, I hope you win!!

  2. We have voted!!!!! Such lovely stretched legs on that Arabella ZZZZZZZ

  3. I do hope your hare card wins - it's the best!

    Have you heard of this place in Edinburgh?

    I was in there today & thought of your shop! They had lots of very cute looking bunnies (& other small furries) looking for homes. I REALLY wanted to take (at least) one home with me, but feel that with the greyhounds that could only end in disaster...!

  4. I voted! I hope it wins - it's really a great card!

  5. thanks for your vote Meghann! the hares are pleased!!
    and the belly is a delight indeed!

    Diana - thank you kindly, the hares have acknowledged your vote with pleasure!
    Arabella is rather proud of her legs and this is her 'bunny flop' - always on her back, legs flailing in the air trying to get onto a side - any side!

    yes, very cute Marydon!

    thanks Max and Molly,
    never heard of that place , I will have a look, thank you,

    thanks Katie! the hares are chuffed!

  6. Cuter as CUTE :)
    I hope you WIN .....
    You are the best for me :)
    I go looking how I can vote for you ;)
    Have a nice weekend.

  7. How on Earth can Arabella snooze at a time like this? The grey hares are in the lead.

  8. thank you kindly Anya, your words are the best vote :)

    Maureen - indeed! Arabella is too young to have heard of Aesop but tonight her bedtime story shall be that!!!

  9. Good luck in the voting poll! When I voted, you were in the definite lead.

  10. I voted for you! Super cute card - Love it!


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