Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Rabbit and Guinea Pig Welfare - efa charity of the month

I am a member of the Etsy 600 strong global team Etsy For Animals, efa. Every month a charity is chosen to be the lucky recipient of donations from our collective fundraising efforts.

This month my chosen charity The Rabbit and Guinea Pig Welfare in Rugby, Enlgand, was picked. I was delighted to let Tracy know the good news. As you may already know this is the rescue that I got my beautiful Wesley from in November 2007.
Here is Wesley, stirring from a doze, to see what all the commotion is about!

Wesley still has some upper respiratory problems that we handle on a daily basis and treat homeopathically with our wonderful vet Margot. Wesley loves being here and I can have no greater reward than to hear him make small peeping noises when I give him some kale and carrot tops to eat!

and here is why Wesley was dozing - he had just destroyed his kitty litter and done some 'house-keeping'!
Tracy said that she has lots of rabbits and guinea pigs still waiting for their forever homes. She has no females left, only males, and most of them are not young. She would greatly love to find homes for them so that they may have a loving and happy life for the rest of their remaining years.
She would also like to encourage those with a single rabbit to consider adopting a bonded pair from her, so that you may have a happy trio. Tracy will assess your rabbit for suitability with the ones in her rescue and bonding can also be done.

Here is Andrew, playing happily whist waiting for his forever home. Rabbits love to play with toys that can be picked up and thrown around. Andrew is taking his toy with him!!
Tracy has a very informative page all about rabbits that is a must read for any prosepctive rabbit owner and current owner.
Rabbits are not suitable for children and parents are often turned away from rescues because they want to get their child a 'pet' and see rabbits as 'the easy option'. Nothing could be further from the truth and rabbits are very demanding, sometimes destructive beings and need to be accommodated suitably with enough daily attention and stimulation.
The benefit of getting an older rabbit is that you have given a forever home to a furry who would normally be overlooked. Rabbits live up to 14 years in properly cared for environments.
Here is Dasher waiting for a suitable person to take him home. Dasher has one lop ear and one normal ear which is very unusual. He is a very handsome chap indeed!
All of these chaps can be met now at Tracy's rescue.
Please contact her before hand to arrange a suitable time for visiting.

Thomas is enjoying his carrot more than the toys! He is a beautiful silvery coloured lop rabbit.
Irrespective of a rabbits age, I have been lucky to have adopted 3 'adults' whose personalities have grown from the day they came home. Baby rabbits reach full size within 6 months to a year and some rabbits can reach the size of small dogs.
When you are assessed for suitability to adopt a rabbit that has already had a traumatic start to life, sometimes with great psychological problems, then you have taken the first step to giving a very special being a second chance and also helping another needy rabbit come into the rescue centre.
Please do not go to the rescue with preconceived notions about what breed, colour, age and even sex of rabbit you want - in many cases you will meet the right rabbit - just waiting there for you!
Take black Bunny her for instance
- he is beautiful, looks imposing and comes with a plus one! Monty.
He too is beautiful with a huge chocolate spot on his nose.
Yup - that would be great - one big black bunny and a friend to match!
Uh-oh what's this???
....a tiny little black fluffball and a huge plus one!!
Monty and Bunny will make someone doubly happy and they already know each other and are good friends.
When Zai chose Arabella we were surprised And delighted!
She looked and acted like a hare! but Zai went over to her and licked her on the nose as his chosen one.

Here is Buster in a beautiful black silver fox type marking. He has a fluffy face and small white paw pads. He is very inquisitive - look at his ears!
And this is an English Spot called Prancer with gorgeous 'spots' all over him.

If you can travel to Rugby to meet a new friend then Tracy will be only too glad. I made the 600 mile round trip in 19 hours travelling down from Edinburgh, Scotland. Arabella was sleeping for the whole journey!
It bucketed rain for nearly the whole trip with pretty bad fog aswell - typical British weather, but then again, it was November! I had forgottent that 600 miles is roughly 1000km from my long distance driving trips across Australia!

This is Frisky another lop with very soft looking slate grey and fawn coloured fur.
Male rabbits are great house bunnies. All the rabbits at RNGP are neutered and spayed.
Rabbits are very inquisitive and will also mark their territories. They have a scent gland under their chin and will rub it on everything they can reach.
In most cases you will know that your rabbit loves - and owns you because he will 'chin' your knees when you are at his level on the floor!

This amazing chap is Winnie and he has fantastic spots all over plus a muzzle cover! What a fluffy face he has, just imagine all the bits of carrot sticking to his fur!
Wesley gets carrot bits stuck to him! and Arabella sometimes has food on her dewlap! We won't even mention the state I get in when I'm tucking in!

This is Frodo a very handsome silvery grey lop. He looks magnificent with the sun shining on him!
Running a rescue is hard and never ending work. There is always a demand for supplies that are used regularly as well as donations of items and monetary donations (irrespective of size - any amount is GREATLY accepted).
Tracy can accept donations by UK cheque and also by paypal.
When rabbits and guinea pigs are adopted out there is an adoption fee to pay which covers their neutering or spaying costs and vaccinations.
Please, if you can afford it, add on a little more.
Wesley joined our family for £100, as did Arabella, and I know that every single penny went to help the rabbits we were not able to take.

Tracy also has guinea pigs waiting for their forever homes.
Like the rabbits, she has lots of boys too. Here is Dillion, the handsome black one, next to Squeak the tortie.
Guinea pigs and rabbits should never be kept together. They have different dietary habits and rabbits can usually become dominant and aggressive.
There is a very informative page on the RNGP website about guinea pig care.

This is Noel. He has a lovely face with gentle eyes!
If you have either piggies or rabbits then you can buy mail order treats from online shop Pampered Piggies run by Sally. Please quote RNGP when you order so that Tracy may receive 10% from your order.
I have ordered from Sally a couple of times and liked her attentive service and dried plantain, artichhoke and roses that I got for Arabella and Wesley. 10% will be donated to RNGP for any repeat purchases you make aswell, please mention them when re-ordering.
I don't buy my treats from anyone else.
This is Rufuss waiting elegantly for his forever home. Just look at his amazing forward crest!
Tracy has many more little furries - mainly males, usually older ones, waiting for homes. Please consider adding 2 to your family or bonding 2 from Tracy with your own furball.

Maybe you don't have a suitable home at present to take in a lifelong companion but may have some spare time? RNGP would gladly welcome assistance.
In this case there is no broth, so more hands will do better work - and more hearts will share more love with the rabbits and guineas!
Worried that it would break your heart???
(I was always scared of getting a broken heart - not any more!)
Because I can't donate my time I am gladly able to donate some of my earnings. 10% from the sale of these one of a kind, handmade bags will go to the RNGP. All available now in my etsy shop.
I can take lay aways, at no extra cost and I can also make the handles longer if you so desire. I can also take the handles off if you would prefer to have a textile vessel instead.
Wesley in North American Brown Grizzly Bear Applique Jumper. This is my first Wesley bag.

This is Arabella in Vintage Japanese Geisha Kimono Jumper. Great to take premieres of Jet Li movies! (not that he is Japanese...)

and this is Arabella in Opulent Blue Persian Style Jumper. Baby Hare Rosy wanted to be in the pic! (what could I say??)

and this is Arabella in a real Scottish Kilt. My 5yo niece already has a kilt, and it won't fit me!!!
Arabella likes to whirl and burl to the skirling bagpipes!
I would like to thank the founder of Etsy For Animals - Michele - (who just recently got married, has a puppy sight-dog, 2 rescue cats and her own etsy shop!) for starting this fantastic team of international, like-minded, caring people who give so much to the animals
- and for having The Rabbit and Guinea Pig Welfare as the June charity of the month.
All sales in my etsy shop will donate 10% to RNGP this month (except otherwise pledged).
If you are able to donate a $1 or 2 then RNGP will be very grateful indeed.
Wesley is now going back to finish his snooze, but before he does he would like to say
- hello! to Tracy and thank her from the bottom of his heart for taking him in at the very worst moment of his life, for getting him better, giving him love, warmth, kindness and food, and for kindly inviting Annette, Keong and Arabella down to Rugby to meet him and take him home :)



  1. Wonderful, very informative write up about this great rescue, glad we're supporting it at efa this month, Thank you Annette for doing such a great job!!Pictures are fabulous!!Loved it!!

  2. Great charity and I'm so glad you are helping the rabbits - they are such amazing animals! I never knew they played with toys like that, how cute!
    Best of luck in your fundraising efforts, you are a true earth angel :)

  3. SO wonderful, great photos and information, I'm so happy we are helping them this month and spreading the word ! ;0) Thank you, will post on FB!

  4. Wonderful write up and pictures.
    hope we raise lots for the bunnies and g'pigs this month.
    100% of everything in is donated to the EFA charity of the month.
    I'd love to have rabbits, but it's a no-no with the cats and dogs.

  5. What handsome animals! Great write up Annette, very informative, and caring!

  6. thanks Carol, I appreciate your kind words and support

    Meghann - you would be surprised with the toys that rabbits like to play with! or non-toy toys actually!!

    Thank you Michele! mvegan5 - the founder of etsy for animals - great heart - great vision!

    thank you Kim - and thanks for posting your shop link too, hoping all your cats and dogs are doing well!

    Thank you Karen, the rabbits are indeed very beautiful - hopefully they will have forever homes soon!

  7. What a kind & lovely post ... all those little hop-hops are precious. TTFN ~ Marydon

  8. Beautiful bunnies, all! Wish I could take them all in. And the piggies are adorable, too. Kudos to all who do rescue work!

  9. All the critters are adorable. I hope each one finds a forever home soon. :o)

  10. thanks Marydon, you are right - every single one is so very precious!

    Nancy I agree with you! I would love to take every one home (uh oh I can hear Arabella muttering something about not enough room and...)!

  11. me too Maureen - hopefully this post will let some new folks know about them!

  12. I'm so glad Rabbit and Guinea Pig Welfare was chosen! Yay EFA! The photos you posted are wonderful - I would adopt all of them if I could. And thanks for helping spread the word about responsible pet care!

  13. Thanks for sharing all those great photos. I hope they all get their forever homes soon.

  14. What a lovely story :)
    Sooooooo sweet and true,
    Many fantastic shots,
    they are all cuter as cute :)
    I wish I can Hug alllll......
    Greetz from us (@^.^@)

  15. Another great read, having had 2 girls and 1 boy bunny, I have to say my little boy is the better behaved than the girls, here's hoping all those lovely boys get their forever homes.

  16. thank you Katie - I am hoping that many people will realise that having a rabbit is a big, 14 year plus responsibility, but they are so very rewarding!

    Lynn, I do too!

    Anya, thanks - aren't they all just so beautiful - and Still in a rescue!!

    my point exactly Laura! - there is somebunny for everyone!!

    thank you Pey! Wesley is a saint compared to Arabella - who is not destructive - just 'in-charge' - and she likes to do some house-keeping every now and then! especially to the bottoms of the curtains!

  17. hey, fyi, I had a rabbit for 12 yrs.and his best friend was Bossy the cat in my avatar.. they do get along in some cases, also he helped train the dogs when they were pups and although I wouldn't dare put him on the floor when they were around, his cage was at their eye level and they always had a healthy respect towords him and never once stalked him or viewed him as prey, he was part of their pack..

  18. that's right Carol - as long as the 'predator' animal is young when introduced to your rabbit everything should be fine.

    That way the rabbit is the dominant one and sets the rules about aggressions and limits.

    My first house rabbit Burns grew up in Australia with Max my blue heeler/kelpie cross - and they were best of friends!

  19. Hi Annette!
    Your name was pulled out of the pot to recieve the two owl pellets! Please let me know your address. I know I had it before, but didn't keep it.
    Best Wishes
    Karen x

  20. thanks Karen!
    always something exciting in owl pellets!

  21. Such sweet bunnies and piggies! We hope they find their forever homes soon.


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