Saturday, 27 June 2009

Time Out

Wesley had been enjoying some spring greens when he decided to have a small rest. You can just see the green stains on his mouth ~

He was wondering when the Grey Hare Card draw would take place. I said that the enormous task of putting all the names down on paper, then separating them and then scrunching them all up into small balls would begin soon. Not to mention trying to remember who had voted for all the grey hares!

He wants to hurry up and choose a name - so does Arabella! They know that the names will be put inside their treat ball and are secretly hoping that there will be more treats than names!
There will be 2 winners in this draw!
The card comes with a wedgwood blue envelope that has decreased stickablility so a baby grey hare has been added with some tape on the back to keep the card (and all the hares) in.

As with all my cards there is a small complimentary gift tag. Just incase you are giving a present along with your card.
Or if they already have everything they need, as some people do when they reach a certain age, and never want anything for their birthday then you can give this super card as a present!

(It looks great framed or on a mantlepiece year round, and as increasing age comes with decreasing eyesight they won't be able to see the numbers too well.....)

and as usual all packages from Dragon House of Yuen come beautifully gift wrapped.
Wesley is back to eating his greens.

I'm busy scratching names down! ......


  1. Good luck to everyone! I hope Wesley enjoys his greens - I sure do :)

  2. Wesley, you look even more handsome than usual with the green stains on your mouth. Now, pick me as the winner. :p ;)

  3. Wesley you are looking really cool this morning it makes us SMILE ^__^

    Your gift looks beautiful in those bleu envolop, its really a fantastic lovely gift !!

    Have a nice sunday ...

    Anya :)
    Kareltje =^.^=

  4. Wesley you are adorable. Hoppy Sunday!

  5. I think the barely noticeable green stains are quite attractive....but Wesley can make anything look good. We can't hardly wait to see who wins the card.

  6. Very Cute, aren't BunBuns Charming. Lindax

  7. I love Wesley, what a great name for such a sweet animal! I'm loving the pale garden green blusher.

  8. thanks Meghann - Wesley LOVES his greens!!

    Maureen - Wesley will try his best :)

    thank you Anya and Kareltje

    thanks Lynn! Wesley loves compliments, though he always looks suspicious!

    Diana - the huge task of writing has begun - wish my 2 fur balls could help me with that!

    yes Linda - they are completely charming :)

    thanks Laura! I have another pic of Wesley with even more green blush that this one!

  9. Can't wait for the names of the winners to be revealed. How lucky they will be, to receive such a beautiful card :)

    Wesley looks adorable with the hint of green on his lips. I've never met a boy who could carry off lipgloss so well ;)

  10. Green is defintely Wesley's color!


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