Saturday, 6 June 2009

Nothing but Hares at the Harbour!

I am participating in the 3 Harbours Exhibition again this year. It runs for 2 concurrent weekends and the venue I am in is open all week aswell. I am sharing with 6 other artists.

and unlike last year - all my paintings this year are of Hares!

My love of lagomorphs has no bounds though I haven't really painted many of them. However I decided to paint some for this show. Above is a detailed study of a brown hare. I really like this painting!

This is a larger one of a brown hare, having a momentary rest and look around.

and this one of a mother feeding her young, which happens briefly once a day when the mother comes to the youngster's hiding spot, was done quite a few years ago. I felt that it was appropriate for this exhibition.

The show takes place is multiple venues across 3 Scottish sea-side towns, hence the name 3 harbours. I am in a 'house' and have a huge white painted wall. I think the watercolours go quite well together despite their differences.
Can you tell I like black frames? Usually I go for plain wooden ones, preferring the visible grain, but sometimes it just has to be black. Different frames will also 'bring out' different tones and colours in your paintings - so alot of trial and error is involved.

For me, framing is directly related to the subject, not the location of the painting. Paintings may change walls easily and still look exquisite, however a frame is harder to change and may not always do justice to the painting.

I have small tags with the name and the price below each work.

I have one of my Lucky in Love collages for sale too. This one has a print on watercolour paper that has been hand detailed, of my mandarin ducks. I will put some in my etsy shop shortly as I presently only have one original there.

These two hare paintings were done last year and are based on the rocky, barren mountain scape that I saw often in Norway. In Norwegian these areas are called 'vidder'. These two hares have been outlined in ink. Makes a change from a standard watercolour, no reason not be daring!
If you are in the area then stop by, you may see a beautiful work of art just for you by one of the many talented artists, including Sheila Tocker, a wonderful Scottish artist that I exhibited with last year.

Arabella is moulting slightly for summer.
She is now wearing a beautiful big heart and sends her love to the single, older male rabbits and piggies at The Rabbit and Guinea Pig Rescue in Rugby, wishing they find their forever homes soon. xxx
Not able to adopt a rabbit but still feel for them? Able to afford a $1 or two? then consider a donation to help furries there.
All sales in my etsy shop donate 10% this month to RNGP.


  1. Annette, Your paintings are beautiful, hares are so special, as are your beautiful bunnies. Arabella is looking so cute sporting her heart. Lindax

  2. Absolutely wonderful art ... beautiful presentations. TY for sharing. TTFN ~ Marydon

  3. All the pieces are wonderful. I especially like the one of the mother hare nursing her young.

    And of course, Arabella looks lovely sporting her heart. :o)

  4. That's amazing, the heart on Arabella, how wonderful!!
    You know that I love love love your watercolours, so best of luck for the show!!

  5. Gorgeous water colors. Arabella looks quite painterly herself.

  6. Arabella looks so beautiful, and your paintings are stunning! You should definitely get some in your store, or prints of them :)

  7. Wow !!
    The paintings are amazing :)
    Its so Beautiful !!
    You are very talented ;)
    Arabella looks so CUTE !!

  8. Thanks for sharing. The painitngs are amazing. Hoping that the exhibit is a big success for you.

    Lots of love back to you Arabella. Your heart is beautiful.

  9. SO beautiful, sweet, and touching! ;0) I love the first one, the close up... and all of your creations! They show so clearly your love and respect for the animals! Michele

  10. These are all so beautiful, Annette! I am hoping you get the recognition you deserve - your work is so wonderful. I love them all, but my favorite, as you probably know, is the mandarin ducks - I feel lucky to own a card of this.

    And all of us love Arabella's heart :)! Dobby sends her many purrs!

  11. thank you for all your very lovely comments!

    Arabella really dislikes gets her photo taken and every time she will attack the camera when I have finished, or in most cases - when she has had enough! Which is usually only one pic if I am fast enough!

    but her beautiful heart was too good to miss!
    thanks for the purrs Dobby (Katie's cat, who wears his heart on his shoulder!)

  12. Your paintings are stunning, Annette! Arabella looks beautiful too!

    Thanks for asking about my kitty. He seems so much better!

  13. What beautiful watercolor paintings Annette! Especially love the brown hare having a rest. Hope you have a super show!

  14. Wow, your paintings are so beautiful!! Have fun at the exhibition - how I wish I could be there, but I'm all the way across the globe from you :)

    Arabella is molting very elegantly. My bunnies are molting too, but they just look scruffy LOL, no beautiful markings on their coat whatsoever :p

  15. Your paintings are amazing!!!! I hope your exhibition goes really well. I think I visited your blog last year and saw your funky bags, now I see the connection!

  16. Looks like a gorgeous exhibition...well done. I would love to have an exhibition of my own. One day. Great to have McEtsy up and going again. Speak to you again soon.
    Lorna x

  17. Wishing you much success in your exhibition!
    I especially love the one with the momma and her babies.

  18. Hello,
    just wanted to let you know that you are the recipient of the "one lovely blog award". Because I think you have a lovely Blog :)
    You can visit my blog at


  19. Thank you Martha and glad to hear Balentine is better.

    thanks Karen! it was an interesting show!

    hi furry - thank you! scruffy / neat - all bunnies are beautiful!

    thank you kindly Laura!

    Lorna I will let you kow about the organisers -you could try next year?

    thanks Elizabeth! I like that one too!

    Hi Tina, thank you very much! - I couldn't do it without all the great animals I have met and know off, and the humans who help them :)


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