Monday, 23 November 2009

a 5th Prize for my Winter Raffle! & a PIF with Gratitude

My Winter Raffle for the Rabbit and Guiea Pig Welfare in Rugby, England is in full steam - and we now have a fifth prize!

Humphrey, on the left, and Bogart, waiting at RNGP for their forever home are going to check it out and make sure it gets the rescue rabbit stamp of approval first ....

... and it does indeed!
They spotted the very handsome rabbit logo and the gorgeous green and white pearls in these beautiful earrings and know that they will make a lovely prize. These earrings are valued at $15.
A big Thank You to Caroline from etsy shop Buns Love. Caroline is bun mama to 10 rescue rabbits! Wow - that's a lot of bun love! and she donates some of her time to caring for the rescue rabbits at her local SPCA in Canada.
Caroline's rabbits can be seen on Bun Space.

Beautiful girls Frappe, standing up for a better look and Meyla think that is super that she has given a forever home to so many rescue rabbits - and like me they are curious as to their names.
So here goes ....
Lily, Rose, Tuffy, Mayten, Asarum, Timothy, Comfrey, Chicory, Chamomile and Miss Rubus... whew!
Frappe and Meyla love those names - some even sound edible - yummy!

Little black fluff ball Popsicle and white nosed Barney are grateful that there are loving people out there who will give forever homes to rescue rabbits.
They urge you never to buy a rabbit or a guinea pig from a pet shop or breeder but instead to choose a deserving and very needy friend from a rescue centre. They are speaking from experience and are hoping to have their forever loved filled home very soon.

Raffle tickets can be purchased on the top right of my blog here and all the money raised will be going to help Popsicle, Barney, Humphrey, Bogart, Frappe, Meyla, Otto, Beanie and quite a few more very deserving bundles thru this winter.
Please buy a ticket and you can be in the running to win on of 5 great prizes! See this post for details of the prizes. Tickets are only $2 each and it only takes 1 ticket to win.

In this season of giving it is important to remember those less fortunate than you, whether they be furries, scaly or feathered.
I always support my local dog and cat rescue centre here in Edinburgh year round and a little bit more at Christmas when I donate food to them as well.
I always think of the animals who have had sad and scary stories to tell as they await their loving forever home in rescue centres through out the world. I pray that they will be loved and find that special person who will give them their heart, selflessly, always.

I am glad to give a little bit of happiness (to 3 humans perhaps - but I will gladly cater to cats, rabbits, budgies etc) by taking part in this PIF - pay it forward.
I decided to participate after reading the post on Pat's blog Images Thru an Open Window. The giver has 365 days to send a handmade gift to a maximum of 3 people who respond first in the comments below and who would like to do the same thing.
If anyone out there would be delighted to get a small surprise from me (or Pat - she still needs 2 more participants) and would like to pay this gesture of kindness forward then post about it on your blog and let me know.

Otto, the handsome silver fox on the left and inquistive Beanie are wondering whether the PIF includes 'forever homes' in it's 'handmade gift' description.
I said yes it does - keep hoping, don't give up - it took Welsey well over a year for me to find him!
It was at this very time exactly two years ago, November 2007, that I took Wesley from the very same run that Otto and Beanie are in and took him into my heart and home.
Thank you xxx


  1. Your bunny's are so CUTE today
    I love all pictures!!
    Humphrey & Bogart special :-)
    They all deserve a fantastic home ....

  2. Awww, all those rabbits are simply adorable...such fluffy, sweet creatures. I posted the link to this post on my sidebar (on the left) but I don't want a gift. I just wish I would have thought of it sooner because it's a good and decent thing to do. I will keep you in mind if ever I or someone I know wants a bunny or guinea pig.

    Have a blessed day and if you celebrate Thanksgiving, happy turkey day ;-)


  3. I love me some bunnies and a good raffle too. Nothing better than a raffle to benefits buns! Let me see if I can figure out how to put up a link to this on my blog.

  4. thank you Anya - they do all indeed deserve a fantastic home!

    Happy thanks giving Doris and thanks for putting this link on your blog! Hopefully more folks will learn the predicament of many rabbits and guinea pigs.

    Okay Christina, thank you. Let me know if you need some help, thanks.

  5. If anyone wants to participate in the PIF please let me know here - and also do a posting on your blog to PIF 3 folks (if there are any takers! - I will send out a wonderful surprise..... :)


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