Thursday, 26 November 2009

Free Shipping and 10% off my etsy shop

I'm taking part in the Black Friday - Cyber Monday sales on etsy.

Arabella was going to help me prepare all my bits and pieces that go out with all my orders but after shredding a few sheets of paper, chewing on the ribbon ends and throwing my pens all over the floor she decided to take a back seat.

I asked Wesley if he'd like to give me a paw (hand) and he did what he always does when he sees me - he turns his back on me - for a back massage!

After 5 minutes of rubbing, caressing, massaging and loose tufts pulling he was rather exhausted and before I knew it he too was taking a back seat.

Goodness! I'm going to have to manage it all by myself!
I have 10% off my entire shop and free world wide shipping for all orders $10 and over.
Might be a good time to get that special handmade and unique gift for Christmas?

Just before Arabella dozes off she wants to remind everyone to have a look at the two super raffles being held just now - this one for the Buckeye House Rabbit Society to win a painting of handsome Charlie and this one on my blog for the Rabbit and Guinea Pig Welfare to win 5 great prizes including Baby Hare Hope!
Arabella thinks that raffle tickets for rabbit rescues are money well spent and she wishes all the rabbits still in rescues just now a warm bed, a full stomach and a happy heart.
(She knows that they will find their forever homes and tells the ones without names not to worry - she didn't have a name for well over a year and came to me nameless!).
Thank you


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and the bunnies!

  2. And what a lovely name Miss Arabella has. Does it have a special meaning?

  3. Best of luck with your sale and raffles :)

  4. ooh, bunny love!
    your babies are adorable, I am so happy they found a loving home, and wish for all the animals in shelters the same

  5. thank you so much Cadbury! Arabella and Wesley were very interested in your Thanks Giving treat!!

    thanks Christina - I had made a list of rich, elegant names and when our little lady came home she liked Arabella the best!
    (that's why Priceless's wife is called Evdokia - one of the other names :)

    Thanks so much Meghann! and good luck to you too for your ticket xxx (I put Arwen's name down aswell!)

    thanks pinkglitter! I'm so grateful to have found them :) and I wish all the animals in shelters all over the world the same too

  6. Happy Thanksgiving Annette! Arabella and Wesley look very comfy cozy - best of luck with all the wonderful work you do! :) - Anne and Bean


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