Friday, 27 November 2009

International Fur Free Friday

Me, Arabella and Wesley fully support International Fur Free Friday a campaign spear headed by the American organisation In Defense of Animals and the International Anti Fur Coalition.

We also fully support International Fur Free Thursday, Wednesday, Tuesday, Monday, Sunday and Saturday 365 days a year and we urge everyone not to buy any product with fur and better still to veto the shops that sell fur. Politely tell the shop why you are not purchasing their goods and if they stopped stocking fur that you would then come back.

This includes small stores that insist on selling imported Chinese cat, dog and rabbit fur killed in the most despicible and inhumane way. Usually they will be in the shape of a small animal.
You can also not support recording artists who wear fur in their videos, movie premieres and adverts - I can think of rather a few! (Why is it that men just don't do that sort of thing??) and don't forget to forgo that copy of American Vogue - just not fashionable enough! fur is so last century!

Isreal is making steps in the right direction. Please help support the Nitzan Horowitz Bill thru their parliament which will make Isreal the first country in the world to have a total ban on fur.
Well done for being a forward thinking country.

I visit Linda's blog often and read her post about Fur Free Friday. I already know the horrors of fur farming and the unimaginable cruelty involved. I had no need to watch the video link - my stomach was already churning.

Please support Fur Free ~ every day ~ and keep the fur on it's rightful owner. The one with the beating, love-filled heart attached :)

Arabella and Wesley say a big Thank you and so do I. This is a cause close to our hearts.


  1. All The animals Thank you for getting the message out so well. :)

  2. thank you Linda - glad to speak on their behalf

  3. SO right on! :0) Fur Free for the Animals! I am crossing my paws for fur free Israel... and eventually the rest of the world... fur is for the animals! Michele

  4. well said Michele!
    hoping Isreal can stand alone to set an example then others will follow

  5. Beautifully said. Thanks for a great post...and a much more compassionate world.

  6. No furs, that is fur sure.......gosh I thought Keira Knightly was smarter than to wear fur........

  7. thank you Jessi for stoping by and leaving a comment - you too have a very interesting blog and lovely writing - all for the animals :)

    Thank you Diana. I was saddened that Kiera would stoop so low. It's always a sad point when one person in the lime light sheds their integrity in this way.

  8. All they need to do is visit a fur farm and it may change their minds about wearing it. My furs are stretched out by my feet and are beautiful and still breathing.

  9. You would think as far as the faux stuff has come, that there would be no need to bother with the real thing anymore...the closest I ever get to wearing real fur is when I'm hugging the horses (I'm all about those "warm fuzzies", boo-yeah! :o)

  10. I missed "Fur Free Friday", which I was spent this time "shedding" my top fur at the hairdresser - so maybe I didn't quite miss it?
    I know all too well the horrors of fur farms, it is a disgusting trade and I don't shop anywhere I see fur products, also mentioning it in the shop. It happened several years ago in Germany, in a chain store I have been bought before. I spotted a nice jacket with a fur collar that I thought would be a good syntetic fur, but oh shock horror, I read on the label it was "lapin"! When I spoke to the shop assistant about it, she just lifted her shoulders and said "We have also a model without the collar", completely missing the point, and was quite nonfussed when I told her I wasn't going to buy anything in the shop until they changed their policy on selling real fur.
    I get to wear fur from time to time..this is when Neville and Miss Eve jump on me to get the pumpkin seeds or the elusive piece of oat cracker...!
    Thank you for speaking for the animals, Annette, and cuddles to Wesley and Arabella :)

  11. I agree Christina - there are real vidoes of what happens on those links and there is no way I could watch them - but alot of people should be watching them - it would change public perception probably 100%.
    Kudos to Israel and Mr Horowitz!

    That's true Jen - Faux is just so advanced today and so beautiful - and so like the real thing that there is no need (vanity wise) to have real fur. It is a true indicator of compassion for living beings. I wonder if the wearer realizes that?

    Gabriella make sure to wear a scarf! It's gettingn chilly now! What can I say about the sales assistant - some people have their eyes open and see nothing - she should be watching the video. The shop manager should be as well.
    Glad that your fur chooses where to go on your body and how long it decides to stay there for - until all the pumpkin seeds are gone? :)


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