Thursday, 12 November 2009

5 Runners-Up Rabbit Signs for Buckeye Raffle

For all raffle ticket holders in the Buckeye House Rabbit Holiday Raffle there will be 5 runner up prizes too!

All donated by Pey from etsy shop Peylu / FolkArtVision. Pey is also donating the main prize of a watercolour of her rescue rabbit Charlie. To read about Charlie please visit this earlier post here.

The 5 prizes are all originals on wood laminate and have a hole ready to hang your minature painting or they can even be used as a guard sign. The winners can choose which sign they would like from Pey's shop!

Above is Bunny Normy, he is very security conscious and you will need a password to get by him (maybe even a carrot?)

This is an original portrait of George and he takes pleasure in watching the world go by from his little corner. (Also known as being a good neighbour in the neighbourhood watch group!)

Here is delightful Bunny Betty - (on guard) she is naturally suspicious. I see her eyes won't be missing a thing!

There are quite a few signs to choose from but making the final decision could be hard. I have my eye on three!

Not all of them are rabbits, there are also some very handsome dogs and a cat. They are all very watchful mind you!

apart from this little one - Baby Boo. She overcame her shyness via postive thinking. I'm wondering if she has passed Introductory Stage One for Lagomorph Awareness Training?

Don't miss out on your chance to win a super piece of original art by Pey and helping the rabbits too at this critical time of year when the now not-so-cute impulse Easter purchase has grown up.
This Christmas give the gift of hope to others.
Thank you


  1. annette, as i said should be in sales! i already sent a check & i just did another raffle purchase through paypal! i couldn't resist!

  2. Couldn't ask for a better promotion, thanks so much Annette, could I hire you to write all my listings !!
    I had great fun creating the posse, please buy a ticket so you can join the fun, thanks so much, Pat.

  3. All the signs are so great, it would be hard to choose......

  4. ha ha Pat! thank you! may the best one win :)

    well Pey, good art promotes itself! thank you for being so generous and for also donating to the rngp rabbit raffle as well!

    That's what I thought too Diana, though I have narrowed it to three but the final choice is so hard!


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