Thursday, 5 November 2009

Bunny Benefit Day 8th November

Jen from etsy shop JMcGuinnes is having a Bunny Benefit Day on the 8th where 100% of all proceeds will be donated to 3 Bunnies Rabbit Rescue. The rescue that Jen's little Molly came from.
A month ago Molly was very ill but she is now alot better and eating again. Jen rescued Molly after she was abandoned at a pet shop and in danger of being given away for free to just anyone so she took the bundle of fur in. The 3 Bunnies Rabbit Rescue had sent out an alert.

Jen is a very talented photographer and sells prints and cards in her etsy shop.
I like this Welcome Home greeting card. It has a very beautiful heart shape and gorgeous soft colours.

If you are partial to owls then this Framed set of 3 Owl Prints is a very classy gift. The photographs of each owl can also be purchased separately in the shop. I love the silver frame and black mount - it's very tasteful indeed.
And ofcourse horses are always beautiful! This grey mare is very enchanting! Jen has a few different horse photographs available.

Molly is still a youngster and has to share the house with Jen's older rabbit Lola. Lola and Molly aren't friends (yet), like Arabella and Wesley, but there is always time. Bonding with rabbits can sometimes take a while. At other times there may be rabbits that will never be friends.
Rabbits are very opinionated and they don't always change their mind.
This image of Lola on a greeting card is in the shop too.

Here is Lola as a baby. Now that she has grown up she would be hard pressed to fit inside that palace! She is a very handsome silver rabbit!

All rabbit parents will immediately recognize what is going on here! Lola may have good taste but she is 'chinning' the Guinness bottle as her property. All rabbits have a scent gland under their chin and they will mark objects in their territory. On many an occasion I have had my thighs chinned as I've been kneeling down next to my rabbit!
You very quickly get to know who the boss really is! (not you!)

Jen took this photo of a baby opossum who was being rehabilitated with his siblings. The onset of winter is a hard time for many animals including the baby rabbits born earlier this year.
All rabbit rescues go thru a hard period just now as the 'grown-up\not so cutesy any more' Easter impulse buys are dumped and abandoned across the world.
It is also getting colder in the Northern Hemisphere with shorter nights and people do not want to bother going outside to look after rabbits that live in hutches. Every rescue I know only adopts it's rabbits to Indoor Living.
Rabbits are highly sociable and love company - all the time - and are perfectly at home inside.

Last year my Handmade with Love Christmas present was this serene photograph of a fawn. I have the fawn by my work table and look at it every day. It is very special! Infact I loved the image so much that I also bought it as a set of fawn greeting cards from Jen's shop as well. I still have a couple left, which I'll always keep!
It's never too early to think about purchasing a special gift and if you buy from Jen on the 8th then you will also be helping the rescue rabbits at 3 Bunnies at the same time. Jen has been supporting them for a couple of years now and all funds go towards paying for every day rabbit needs as well as specific medical attention for some rabbits.
I can attest to Jen's exceptional quality of her photography and I'm glad I invested in my fawn!
Thanks for supporting a rabbit rescue dear to you Jen!


  1. What lovely photos. I will definately buy something on the 8th. I too, took in a "free" bunny from a pet store. He had head tilt and was going to the snake breeder if nobody wanted him. I havent been in a pet store since.

  2. lola in the greeting card is just about the sweetest thing i've seen! i'm xmas shopping & already had my eye on jen's shop. i'll mark the 8th!

  3. Thank you Annette for featuring our Bunny Benefit Day Sale! I am hoping we can make a lot of money for the bunnies! :)

  4. gorgeous photos, and you're definitely right about bunnies being opinionated and very much in charge!

  5. What beautiful photographs and story of second chances! I'll go now and check out jen's shop :)

  6. Lovely photos :) Yup, the bunnies are in charge.

  7. What absolutely beautiful photographs! I am so glad to hear that Molly is doing better. She's a lucky bunny :)

  8. Molly looks very fluffy :-)
    Cute shot !!
    All pictures are lovely today !!
    Sunday I go visit Marjolein
    I want to meet Brammetje :))))

    Have a wonderful evening
    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :)

  9. She is such a talented artist, and good for her for donating to a god cause. I wish her and her bunnies luck and health :)

  10. So great!!! :0) Thank you Jen for helping the buns, beautiful photography and wonderful work for the animals! Michele

  11. I just placed my order. I got all black and white cards, that I am going to frame. I got Lola'a picture! I cant wait to see them. I hope 3 Bunnies makes a ton. Thanks for telling us about it.

  12. Thank you everyone! Bunny Benefit Day raised $74 for 3 Bunnies Rabbit Rescue!

  13. Christina - such good work! thank you - I too don't go into pet shops or give them any of my money if they 'deal in live animals'.
    Great that got some beautiful cards too!

    thanks Pat, Lola is very handsome!

    it was great to post about your exceptional deed Jen, thank you for doing this for the rabbits!

    CGreenPoet - you are right, rabbits are very strong willed indeed

    thank you Laura, beautiful photographs!

    and Diana - thank you for all the work you do too for your rabbit rescue!

    I'm glad too California, nothing worse than an ill bun (it's very scary)

    thanks Anya, hope you had a lovely time with your daughter and new rabbit Brammetje!

    I agree Meghann, it's great work

    thank you Michele

    excellent news Jen! thanks for letting us know!! glad to have been a small part of that :)

  14. Oh, I'm sorry I missed this post. The photos are so edibly cute...what will Molly be when she grows up? A Molly the Loop? That baby opossum is sooooo cute. I never used to think they were cute until I took a closer look and especially the little ones are so adorable. I think all baby animals are just so sweet.

    I hope you're doing well and as usual, I have enjoyed reading your blog ...

    Have a wonderful day,


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