Sunday, 7 March 2010

Time Flies ......

Not long ago I entered a give away for a gorgeous calendar - and I won!
Arabella wonders why I need a calendar when every day is nearly the same - nest napping, eating, nest napping, powder room, eating ....

Well, I said to Arabella that I didn't need one but that it is always useful to have. After all, sometimes the days just become a blur and before you know it the month is out!
I won the Fine Art Polaroid Calendar from Scottish professional photographer Rhiannon Connelly on her blog Starry Blue Sky.
Rhiannon wanted to know which item in her etsy shop, Starry Blue Sky, I liked best. Ofcourse, for me it was this dreamy image of swans not 5 minutes from my house here in Edinburgh!

The Queen's Swans in Edinburgh, Scotland

Arabella had a look in her etsy shop too with me and she rather liked this image instead -

Everything Stops for Tea in an Edinburgh cafe that alas, is no longer there

My, my, Arabella does have good taste! I put the kettle on immediately after seeing this gorgeous print!

When my calendar came I was really taken aback at the beauty of it. Not only were the images breathtaking but the quality of the paper was exceptional.

It came wrapped in a brown paper sheet with a notecard atop!
Such a lovely presentation.

Every image is really stunning and no matter how much I enthuse here, Rhiannon's work really has to be seen to be believed - the quality is amazing and each month will take your breathe away.

After the year is up I shall be giving these images good homes for sure!
I just love those blue bottles on the celandon green and the grape hyacinths.

I can remember having a polaroid camera (obviously when they first came out I was very, very young then, very, very young!!) and I remember it being rather exciting getting instant photos. That was until I saw the results!

However, Rhiannon has made an art of this specialist material and created the most exquisite and delicate images. The depth and colours and beautiful.

Rhiannon has been working on her 12 City Project and she offers lots of creative advice on her blog. It's always nice to stop by!
One day I may meet Rhiannon in person and thank her for this wonderful calendar, after all, Edinburgh is rather small. (Arabella is looking forward to a scone!)

As Arabella has a nap in her nest my other Arabella - the bag I have donated to the Buckeye House Rabbit Society to raise funds for their rescue rabbits is patiently waiting to go to her new forever home!

She got a chance to say goodbye to Flora, the fuffy rabbit bag that I made last week, before Flora went to her forever home across the pond.
Flora pledged 10% to the BUAV!
I make sure to make all my rabbit bags work for those who are not as fortunate as them yet by giving a donation.
Now, let me see, I think there is just over 2 weeks left to get your ticket, let me just look at my wonderful new calendar!


  1. Congratulations on winning such a beautiful work of art calendar and for sharing such beautiful pics of it!

  2. Congratulations :-)
    It looks beautiful .....
    Hugs to all

    Kareltje =^.^=

  3. Thank you so much for writing such a lovely review. I do hope we'll manage to have tea and scones sometime :)

  4. oh for a Scottish scone... i love them sooooooo much

  5. Congratulations on winning! Rhiannon's work is indeed beautiful!

  6. Congratulations and tell Arabella that someone in the family needs to know what day it is!

  7. How lovely of you to blog about the calender you won! I too was lucky enough to win some of Rhiannon's beautiful notecards in one of her giveaways. Her photos are really eyecatching & the technique she uses most interesting as well. Jx

  8. What a gorgeous shop! I just spent a delicious few minutes perusing her art. Thank you for sharing her talents and I enjoy your beautiful new calendar :)

  9. Hmmm... Humphrey does not approve of calendars as about the only thing concerning him on ours involves visits to the V-E-T!

    Looks lovely though :-)

  10. oh you lucky girl!!! thanks for sharing this, rhiannon does beautiful work!

  11. Congratulations! What a beautiful calender! Something about beautiful images printed on nice paper is so fabulous to me!

  12. thank you Lily, and Anya and Kareltje!
    you are welcome Rhiannon, and perhaps we will sometime!
    Scones are indeed yummy Nicole, a good scone is delicious no matter where it has been baked!
    thanks Lisa!
    Suzanne - Arabella has told me already!
    Yes, it is indeed Jane.
    You are welcome Meghann.
    Charlotte perhaps you could mark in the days that you normally buy his treats?? he may view it differently then?
    thank you Pat and Shell. I agree with you too!


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